Beautiful Chairs and Recliners too!

Looking to redo your room?

Many people come in looking to redo a room, and want the comfort of reclining furniture, but do not want the ‘look’ of a recliner.  Most reclining furniture has pillow backs and arms, and reveal they are reclining because of a handle on the side.  Reclining furniture is also usually taller because of the needed head support when the piece is laid back and used for sleeping.  Even though many times this styling may be comfortable, it isn’t always the best look for your room.
howto pick a couch for your room
Reclining furniture backs usually have pillow divisions so that the stuffing staying in place.  The arms also have the pillow look which compliment the back style.
Because of this pillow design, reclining furniture tends to get a flattened look where it has been used.  The tailoring is very relaxed and allows for the filling to move into shapes according to how it is being used.
More defined tailoring will keep its shape much better.
reclining couchThis style has rounded arms and a pillow back, but is shorter so it is not divided into multiple sections.  The release has been moved to the inside of the arm and is not visible.  Now you have a more stylish sofa and reclining too!

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Reclining chairs are also available in these more tailored looks!  Many manufacturers like Lane, Comfort Design, Best  and Palliser offer many stylish pieces that recline.
pick the right recliner for you
These reclining chairs have no visible handles and are usually designed with wood legs rather than sitting down to the floor on a metal mechanism.  When the arms are tailored, the overall size of the chair is narrower and generally fits into smaller spaces better.
Picking the right recliner on Design Time
So, now you can have a beautiful room and reclining too.  These pieces are also very high quality and will keep their shape even after many years of use!  Many of them are available in power.  Some styles offer space-savers, swivel, rocking, gliding and lift mechanisms as well.
These reclining pieces are available in fabrics and leathers.  Because so many furniture pieces are in plain fabrics, these are American made and come in  beautiful fabrics such as textures, strips and prints. It is easier to design a room with a print as a focal point.
How to pick the right Chair
This printed piece can bring several colors to your room design.  Then by adding some printed pillows, an area rug  or wall art, a plain room can have an amazing character!  Let us help you find just the right fabrics that will bring your space together.
There are so many quality American made pieces available today, and you can have them in exactly the color and design you want!  So, have some fun and lets create a space that is comfortable as well as beautiful!  And most important, the furniture will fit you as well as the room space!
Come check out our sofa and chairs!  You will find many styles  and sizes, and available in hundreds of fabrics and leathers!
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