Michigan’s Premier Interior Design Furniture Store

At TriCity Furniture, we believe a well-designed room is a room in which our customers can live well with all that defines who they are.  We put your tastes, budget, and lifestyle first, then we help you select just the right furnishings, colors, textures, rugs, carpeting, window coverings, and accessories for any room.

Although at times your dream room starts with a single piece you fall in love with, the other parts that transform your dream into reality start and end at TriCity Furniture & Interiors.  Our interior design teams are made up of award-winning, highly-talented, professional consultants. You and the consultant of your choice are a team in creating your living spaces.  And, as a customer of TriCity Furniture, our design consultation is included as a special, complimentary service for our clients.

Where do you start?

This is a question that we get all the time! Is this you….?  

“Do I pick the paint, the flooring or the furniture?”  “How do I choose my style?”  “I have been looking and just can’t find what I like!”  “I am so confused!”

At TriCity Furniture, we understand that you probably did not take Design Class 1013. We will teach you about furniture and room design as we go through the process.  Making choices in the correct order eliminate a lot of the confusion!

In-Store Service

We are the difference. At Tri City Furniture, we have created a unique and comfortable way of furnishing your home or office. Our floor is set up to inspire you and let you dream a bit!  Tired of looking at furniture stores and seeing the same brown sofa, offering no excitement of comfort?  Our buyers attend many major Furniture Markets, so they are able to keep up with current colors and trends.  You will always see new styles, colors and one-of-a-kind pieces to excite your senses!

Our team of talented consultants will spend the time to really get to know you. This process has been in place for many years at Tri City Furniture and it is tried and true. We know that to meet your needs, and give you something more, it is important to listen to you. Your family and pets are details that we work into your plan so that your room will work with your lifestyle. We will sit with you and talk about your haves, needs, and wants.

Today there is so much information out there about furniture especially on the internet which leads to much confusion on what is good and what isn’t.  We will help you sort it out and give you the ‘inside’ story about furniture construction and what is needed to make sure it lasts!

Tri City Furniture knows you do not make home furnishing purchases often, so we want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Does your project need more? See our At-Home Consultation Service.

At-Home Services

The At-Home process is a continuation of the In-Store process described above. In talking with you about your haves, needs, wants –our qualified consultant, along with you, may decide your project needs more to achieve your dream room. Sometimes your room is just more complicated and you are not sure what really would work in the space.

Our consultant will set up a time to come to your home, measure the area, and take note of the special features your room has.  Things like built-in fireplaces, bow windows, and small alcoves need to be measured so that they work with the ultimate furniture placement.

During our visit we will talk about challenges for the space, listen to your needs, see firsthand the items you already own that we will be working into the room, work on a financial plan for the project, and then we schedule an in-store presentation.  At the store, several plans will be presented with possible fabric options and colors.

A plan is put together so that you can start the room of your dreams, and you are able to complete on a time frame that works for you.  Because you will work with a plan, you will avoid costly mistakes as you complete the process. The project begins at your discretion and comfort level.  Whether you do the Total Plan at once or in phases, you are always in control.