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End Tables

End Tables… Do Rooms need End Tables and Why…. There are times you walk into a space and it just doesn’t feel right!  You might notice that things are too crowded or the colors just don’t feel good. Something is wrong, but you just aren’t sure what the problem is!   I have found that…

10 things to try in bed

10 Things to Try in Bed

Comfort Sutra By Loni Love and Serta Looking to take your bedroom performance to the next level? Tired of restless nights spent tossing and turning? Look no further than the ComfortSutra, your guide to a more comfortable night’s sleep. With ComfortSutra Guru Loni Love’s ten hot and heavy tips, you can transform your sleep experience…

serta-pivot-adjustable base

It’s All About the Base!

Our base is leading the industry! Serta® Pivot™ Head-Up From $699 (Queen Adjustable Set Upgrade) Designed with our exclusive 2 corner Pro-Fit system, the Serta Pivot provides adjustable head-up positioning with quiet motors to help create a peaceful sleeping environment.             Serta® Motion Essentials™ II From $800 (Queen Adjustable Set…