Amish Furniture- Design Your Dream

Amish gives you the creative tools that you desire.


Pick the pieces that you want to create,,,entertainment center, turn table chest, hutch, bedroom furniture, dining room table, nightstand with a secret compartment for a fire weapon?


You pick the pieces and we will help you sketch it, choose your wood, stain, and edge detailing. Then in 6-8 weeks we will deliver it-made especially for you!

Some Amish families work to have their pieces in a quick ship program. There may be a few less choices, but you can have the handcrafted pieces within 3 weeks!

The families who we choose to work with meet each Fall to show their new ideas and techniques. We always attend to make sure we know which products fit our clients best and are at the standard that we desire. The Catalyzed lacquers that the Amish uses seals the wood, not allowing water marks. It is a coating that dries by evaporation, acting very much like a straight lacquer (defined above with no chemical curing) and then cures by the reaction initiated by the catalyst. This and their self closing drawers, fully finished stain and beautiful, one of a kind craftsmanship makes them an easy choice.


Heirloom furniture that your grandchildren will fit over!

Quality Built Amish Furniture