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To Flip or Not to Flip Your Mattress

Design Time on WMEN TV5

February 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today we talked on TV5 about....

What do you mean by flipping a mattress? 

  • A flip-able mattress​ is a double sided mattress, meaning it has the same padding on the bottom as the top. If you have a pillow top flip-able mattress, then you have 2 pillow tops. One on top and one on the bottom. It is designed this way so you can flip it according to a schedule that promotes even wear and longevity for the mattress. 

Is flipping a mattress required? 

  • If you choose a flip-able mattress, then yes, it is required, but there are many mattress styles that are not double sided. These mattresses have an actual top (firm, plush, pillow top) and a bottom, which is made of a different fabric material. Rotating your mattress should be required though no matter the the type. This can be done with all mattress sizes and help maintain your mattress quality. Simply move the head down to the feet area 2-4 times a year. 

Has the interior of the mattress changed that allows you to just use one side? 

  • Yes, one sided mattresses do have a different make up than a flip-able mattress. A flip-able mattress uses a continuous wire (imagine it as a huge web inside the mattress where everything is connected and supported by each other. One sided mattresses usually use a rowed coil system. 

Do one sided mattresses last as well as a two sided mattresses? 

  • Hotels normally use a flip-able mattress, because people of shapes and sizes come and stay and the hotel needs the mattresses to last. The hotel staff can just flip the mattress over and rotate it and in a way "reset" the mattress insides to default. Come on, we have all been kids or had kids who jumped on the bed at a hotel right? well, doing that daily on a one sided mattress will break down a mattress. 

Are flip-able mattresses still available? 

  • Yes, they sure are! We carry at Tri City Furniture on of the more popular collections. This group carries a firm, plush and a pillow top style. Each style in the collection is supportive, but the plush and the pillow top give slightly more cushion to relieve any pressure points your body may have. 

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