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Reclining Furniture... Always big and Puffy?

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June 2020

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There are many styles of furniture available today, and one of the most popular is reclining furniture, because we all like to put our feet up after working all day. 

You may like recliners too, but may not be thrilled with the big and pillowly look of the "recliner".


This is what you may picture when you hear "recliner."

Do you see Grandpa in his chair? Many people do, but there are some new looks you should see!

There are more tailored looks in reclining furniture. These styles use less of the poly fiber foam that gives the "puffy" look and instead, they use more of a molded/ shaped foam. 

Are you wondering, is this furniture built as well as regular furniture?

Well, that question has a few parts to explain within it.  Reclining furniture is built different from regular or stationary furniture. You have to understand that reclining furniture moves, therefore everything is in pieces. Being in pieces may really help you get the sectional or theater seating into your home or your basement, vs carrying it in all as one really big and heavy piece. 

But since it is all in pieces, things may move and shift when you sit or get up from it. Most reclining sofas work on a rod system and each seat "hooks" to the next. Some individuals would say that is not as stable as one piece, stationary sofa...but you just have to understand it is how reclining furniture works. 

Also, since reclining furniture moves- footrests up and down, backrests lay down and up, power lumbar, adjustable headrest....




...but, again know that with that movement, fabric or leather will wrinkle, shift and move. It can look tight and snug and then be expected to move and shift every way. There is also a difference from these molded foam looks vs the poly fiber fluff, because the fluffy, puffy chair looked wrinkled and loved Day 1- right? That may be part of the reason it was liked, because you sunk right down into it. The molded foam recliners could wrinkle again in the seat or the back slightly over time, because the fabric or leather is pulled tight on Day 1. As you sit down on it and take your nap, your weight compresses the seat cushion and the leather or fabric stretches to fill in the gap. When you get up, the cushion comes back to starting position, but the fabric or leather may not be as tight as Nap 1 vs Nap 101. Some fabrics have better "memory" and pull back into themselves, but again, your logic needs to be correct on how reclining furniture works to have the correct expectation for your furniture. The puffy chair wrinkled or settled too, the puff though, hides it. 

puddling in seat.jpg

Here you can see "puddling" in the seat and back cushion of the sofa. Now in quality made furniture, you can get into both areas and correct this issue, but know it will happen. Buying better will allow you keep your piece longer. 

Reclining furniture comes in a lot of sets up.

You can have:

  • sofas

  • love seats

  • theater seating

  • sectionals

  • high leg sofas

  • high leg reclining chairs

  • swivel recliners

  • rocker recliners

  • glider rockers recliner

  • wall huger recliners

  • power recliners

  • manual recliners

  • push back recliners

  • head tilt recliners

  • power lumbar recliners

  • heat & massage recliners

  • lift chair recliners

  • Many of these options all in one recliner!

There are a lot of options in reclining furniture. You want to really ask about the quality of motor, fabric, leather and mechanism that you are getting. There are differences in the American made motors and the imported furniture motors. Trust me, I have had people come in with their broken chairs (not bought from us) and ask us why it stopped working after 3 months! The outside may look the same. It may feel great Day 1, but we all know, you get what you paid for!


Ask about what warranty the furniture has. That should give you more incite on what to expect. Some foams and/ or power units can have a 1 year warranty only a 10 year plan.... or a lifetime replacement policy. If you know the company is willing to stand behind their product, then it most likely is going to last! 

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