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Recliners Vs Not

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August 2021

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You Hurt...

It is so important to have your chair and your furniture fit you. It is not just about liking the fabric or liking the arm style. You need the chair to fit you properly to promote proper health. If you are not getting the proper leg support you will not have proper blood flow. If you do not have the proper lower back support you will be visiting your chiropractor more than you wish to.

You need an adjustable neck support and to have the neck support in the proper place, because those muscles support your head and lead directly to headaches and migraines. Men and women are built differently- let us help you size you to the proper chair.


With knowledge about our needs for rest and movement, as well as for using modern technology, Stress Free furniture will make your everyday life better and easier. The functionality in the furniture is customized to suit your need for ergonomics and your body’s need for rest and movement.


Improve your living


Technical advantages

Comfort is not a luxury, it is essential to your health and general well-being!

It’s important for your body to be truly comfortable; this means that the chair you choose needs to be more than just a soft place to sit.


An ergonomically correct chair will provide continuous support and comfort and this will prevent your legs and back from becoming tired. Such a chair will relax your body, enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle.


Resting Position

Fjords recliners have continuous reclining of the back and provide comprehensive support that prevents tiredness in your legs and back. Your individual resting position is easily achieved by moving your body. That is the idea behind "Stress Free"- you create the resting position where you move. The comfort is not only position 1 or position 2- you create your perfect position and we will support you in that choice.


Two sizes

All of our recliners are available in two sizes: Large and Small


Several different bases

Different bases contribute to distinguish the various models of our recliner collection. Some models are supplied with all six, others with fewer. Choose the one that suits your style. Note that they all have different advantages.


Reclining Sofas

In order to satisfy the need for comfort and well-being, we provide individual reclining of each seat, regardless of whether you choose a high or low back sofa.

Our sofas with high back have a reclining back, adjustable neck support and are available with 2 and 3 seats. You can choose several types of arm rests at some of our models.

Our low back sofas have reclining back and are available with 2 and 3 seats. You can choose several types of arm rests at some of our models.

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