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Features and Benefits

El Ran Furniture is proudly made in North America.

Founded in 1967, El Ran specialized in reclining furniture. Today, this family business is managed by the second

Quality Reclining Sofa

generation. Until 1979, El Ran manufactured only one type of product, the reclining chair.

In 1980 they introduce reclining loveseats and sofas on the market. Today, El Ran is a leader in the industry and offers a complete range of reclining chairs, loveseats, sofas and many other options. With over 150 collections of various styles – traditional, transitional and contemporary – available in more than 550 fabrics and leathers.

Features and Benefits

  • Frames

  • All solid hardwood laminated frames give stability and durability well into the future with a lifetime warranty.

  • The backs of their reclining furniture is removable for better mobility, ability to go through any door/hallway.

  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood is pre-dried, therefore it will not warp or crack throughout the years.

  • The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly process which creates a strong, reinforced structure.

  • In the areas of the frame that need to withstand more pressure, they use TimberStrand®. It’s an engineered wood currently used to make “H” beams in houses because of its strength. This does not change with variations in humidity and temperature.

  • Their frames have a “L” shaped piece that joints the back of the arm to the seat. This piece stops the pivot point on that joint and reinforces the frame.

  • Within each arm there is also a “T” frame to prevent arms from snapping off or loosening

  • Equal weight distribution,causing both sides of the mechanism work simultaneously.

  • An external handle gives assistance to close the footrest-use the handle to start the footrest in closing.

  • Mechanism

  • Leggett & Platt’s Exclusive design of the mechanism.

  • Mechanism is fluidity, exclusive offering of a zero-gravity mech in the motion of the units. You are able to stop all recling units at any position for greater comfort and control. The competition has a spring loaded unit and can only stop at regulated positions.

  • Manufactured in the United States, we invest more money to get a thicker grade of metal, therefore a better quality and durability for our mechanism.

  • The usage of self-tapping screws reduces the risk of loose connections because they actually bite into the metal.

  • The handle and rod shaft extends underneath the unit connecting both sides of the frame for even movement and smoothness when reclining.

  • Cushions

  • The use of pre-crushed high resiliency foam is in all seat covers. This prevents dipping in the center of seats, retains its shape and allows better comfort..

  • High quality foam (Density = 2.05 lb/ft3). The competition uses foams that vary from 1.5 to 1.9 lb/ft3.

  • The compression of the foam is the equivalent of flexibility and comfort (33-38 lb/in2) average 36 lb/in2.

  • We use high quality, No Sag springs with a metal rod linking all of them for better weight distribution. The horizontal spring back gives greater lumbar support. The competition uses vertical springs in the backs of their chairs. Since the top to the seat of the chair is further than side to side, their chairs give more in the back.

  • Style

  • They offer infinite combinations of sectional configurations, therefore you can have it your way!

  • They offer choices of all leather, leather-match or fabrics allowing you to pick for style and budget

  • Leather is never split. We only offer a better quality leather that will not peel.

  • Wall-a-way units recline within only 3″ of space

  • Service

  • Special Orders item ship time is 6 weeks.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Reclining mechanism

  • Frame

  • Wood Parts

  • Swivel base

  • Springs

  • 2-year Warranty

  • Leather covering

  • Combination leather/vinyl covering

  • Motor parts

  • Electric motor

  • 1-year Warranty

  • Labour

  • Fabric covering

  • Vinyl covering

  • Foam

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Inspection charges

  • Shipping charges on parts

  • Any other unspecified parts

Please ask an El Ran Dealer for more information concerning Warranty.


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