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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Fabric Is Important

Fabric isn’t really on the inside….But,

It is probably the single most important factor that determines if your sofa stays or is replaced!

If your sofa is 15 years or older, there is a good chance it was in a plaid, stripe or floral print. Patterned fabrics hid use, soil, and stains for many years. Lots of times it was hard to justify changing a couch because it still looked like new!

Many stores now carry imported sofas and furniture with imported fabric on them...

The American mills could not compete with the imports as they were using highly durable fiber and weaving the threads into more complicated patterns. The imports,

American Made Furniture

however, come in plain microfiber or… plain microfiber! It is basically comes down to, which color of Microfiber do you want? Imported fabric manufacturers are only interested keeping the price cheap!

Also, the import companies do not have as high of quality control, so making plaids or repeated patterns are much harder to put on a sofa and also then required more quality labor skills.

The biggest problem is that we have lost the durability. If you buy thread and sew, you probably have experienced the thin tread and how easily it breaks. This is a major issue with the fiber as well. American manufacturers are trying to purchase American fabric so that your sofa fabric will last!

You Get what You Pay for...come see us, because we can show you a great American Made product for a great price!!!

Ask questions so you know more about the fabric and how it will last!

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