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Thank You to ALL Who Have Given

Thank you to those who serve Auburn Park

My daughter was a 2nd grade teacher in North Carolina for 10 years. I remember her calling me and telling me stories of little girls and little boys who were heartbroken because their daddy or mamma was gone over seas for the year due to their service. Sometimes it was stories of the mom coming to a conference so overwhelmed with life that the meeting turned into a comforting session. My daughter would try to do special things for these families, but nothing replaces a loved one who is absent, even if you know the reason was a noble reason for being away.

We all know individuals who are currently serving, have served, or the family members who remain, sacrificing as well. Please remember to take the time to reach out and love on these individuals!Thank you to all who have served and given to keep our great Nation safe.If we can help any of our Vets in anyway, please come in and talk with us today! We appreciate you and your families sacrifice.


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