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Love to Shop

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Do you love to shop? Do you love the hunt of finding just the right piece for just the right price? Some people do, and they are actually sad when the "hunt" is over. There are others who hate to shop. They are worried about the choices they are making and/ or don't know where to start. Let us help get you started.....

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There are many things to consider when putting a room together. You really should look at the big picture and decide if it is going to be a big change, such as the carpet, paint color, door trim, removing walls or just a a piece for a piece...such as a new sofa for the old sofa. Often, one change leads to another change....every husband knows this.

"Honey, I want to get a new sofa! I need new chairs, because the new sofa makes them look old! we need new carpet, because you can see that mark under where the chair hid the stain.....why don't we paint before the carpet comes to freshen it all up!" The list grows longer and longer.

If you are doing a big change, you should start with the furniture and the proper layout for you space. Have one of our designers come in and measure your space and talk about your needs and wants. Then, look at furniture choices and fabrics. American made fabrics give you lots of choices, but still, they only have so many in the tone, pattern and style you want. It is best to pick these items first and then find the paint color with the correct undertone to match. Then we move to carpet or hard flooring/ rugs at the end. Horizontal surfaces such as flooring are not looked at as much as vertical surfaces. So you art, wall color, and furniture will make more of an impact on the room feel than your flooring.

Again, you may love to shop, but putting a room together is a skill and there is a correct way of doing it. No one wants to return items of have their space suffer because they bought wrong. Let us help.

Side note: When putting the room actually together- start with the paint, then the flooring an then the furniture. That is the best way to actually set it up.


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