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Mattress Prices

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Are you shopping for a new mattress? Have you looked around and see so many different prices with such extreme differences? How can a queen mattress cost $99 at one store and at another $398 or $999? Why is there so much difference in price? They all look the same right?

Well, be sure that even though the outside made look the same, what is inside the mattress is not the same. There is so much that could vary within a mattress. You really should ask and know before you buy for your own health, as well as making a smart purchase.

Learn more from Tri City Furniture's Kathy Kilbourn on TV5's Design Time for what you should know before you buy your next mattress.

So how can there be a $299 queen mattress and a $2999 queen mattress?

It all has to do with the quality of the components. First, let's consider the spring units. There might be 300 coils which have a larger surface size and are larger in the middle of the spring. this type of coil will easily compress, because it is so large. It will offer a comfortable feel to begin with, but it will flatten out over time. The hour glass shaped coil, which is smaller in the middle and turns at the top and bottom to a smaller twist are a better design for longevity. The turns of the coil are tighter together giving more support. Typically the hourglass shape has more steel in it as well. This makes it harder to compress which the sleepers may need. The heavier weight steel does cost different vs a lower gauged wire. I have even seen mattresses with coils that are not tempered. Think of a paperclip vs a safety pin. The safety pin is tempered steel. It allows it to bend and open and close. Try to open and close a paperclip more than 2 times and what does it do? It snaps in half! You do not what your mattress to do this!

Coil counts may also be very different. I have seen queen mattresses with only 300 coils, to 500 coils to 800 or a 1000+ is where you really want to be within a queen mattress.

Also a big cost variable is due to the padding, quality and how much is used within the mattress. Changing the components can easily change the cost. Why is there $25000 cars and $1000,000 cars? It has to do with the components. I don't understand why people think that a $299 mattress will hold up. Many people spend that much on an evening out for dinner and a concert, yet they want to spend that on a mattress and expert it to hold 500 pounds of body weight for ten years or more!

What about sales? Could a mattress that cost $999 actually be on sale for $299?

Look at the wording. Does it sale, "Floor Model Sale" or "Clearance Sale?" - then maybe, YES.

If a store has one floor model left that they want to get rid of then, yes, you may get a deal of a lifetime. If the store has 50 of them, or if they can order you the $299 sale price, then that is not a true sale. They may use the word "comparable" Keep in mind that it usually talks about a look. And in mattresses that may be referring to thickness or the cover, NOT THE INSIDE!

Everyone thinks there is a ton of markup on furniture and mattresses, and I wish that was true, but it is not. A store will not stay in business very long if they are taking a $1000 mattress and selling it for $299. Realize that a $299 mattress is made to sell at $299. Don't be fooled. The store will typically try to talk you into another mattress, hopefully to get you something that would hold up better. The $299 is to get you in the door- they call it a doorbuster. We see this all the time on Black Friday. Advertising can be misleading, and usually does not give you all the facts.

So how do you know if you are getting a good mattress at a far price?

The best thing I can say is talk to someone you trust. This is the same advise I would give you when building a home, or needing a repair man. When you purchase a car, you probably go to YOUR GUY, or do your homework. So should be the same with furniture. The problem a lot of times though with furniture and mattresses companies do not tell you the details of construction, because they don't want you to know WHAT IS MISSINING in their design. Our companies are not scared to show you the inside. They stand behind what they make and they want you to be happy, comfortable and to tell your friends.

There has been a lot of disappointed people who purchase from a large store and then it went out of business and left the client with no warranties as they promised. Many larger stores buy product without a manufacture's warranty so that they get it for a lower cost! Yes, Do you need to hear that again?

They buy manufactures with no warranty so it is a lower cost to the store! They they sell you their warranty, but if you have a problem with the product you have to talk to the store to repair or replace it. If the store is gone, you may be out of luck!

All the advertising I hear sounds so good! Almost too good to be true! Low prices and free TVs or free gas cards AND free goodies. How do that do that?

Well. recognize, if they are going to stay in business, they can not sell below cost! They can not! They have bills, employees, delivery trucks and gas fees to pay. They can not do all of this, plus a 110"TV for free. Somewhere something has to be lower quality, therefore they make a profit. Read the details Free delivery might be ONLY to the front door. You have to take it into your home. You may have to pay extra to take it in your home. There may be an extra fee for upper level delivery or take away.

We consider delivery as brining it to your home, into the room you want it and setting the bed up. My delivery guys will even vacuum under the bed for you before the put the new mattress set in. We want you to be happy with your purchase. We want you to get the best sleep of your life so you can live your fullest everyday! Remember, "You get what you pay for!" and "If it seems too good to be true, it may be!" Those sayings from your Grandpa reek of TRUTH!

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