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Recliner Seat Height

Updated: Apr 30

Did you know that recliners are not all the same? Yes, some may look more like your Grandpa's and some may look more like your Grandma's recliner, but if you break it down even further, there should me more differences. Seat height is one of those differences. Why know that they can come with different seat heights is the topic of the nest Design Time on WNEM TV5. Learn from Kathy Kilbourn of Tri City Furniture why having a different seat height may really help.

The seat height is from the floor, the heal of your foot to your knee. If you are shopping for a recliner for a family member without that family member being at the store with you- you need to take this measurement

. Also, having a seat depth measurement will also help greatly. This is found by measuring the person when seated.

Start at their knee and go to their back or belt line.

Another important measurement is the seat width that is needed. Measure the width of your family member as they sit- the widest area. Do they sit alone or do that have a furry friend who sits with them. Knowing that information is very important and will help many induvial with accepting change.

The last measurement I would tell you to get is where the crown of their head falls. So start measuring at their tailbone and go up to the back crown of their head. This is where their glasses would sit around their ear line. Most men like their crown to rest on the headrest center. Most women like that crown area to fall above the headrest. They would rather have the headrest hit them in the neck. It is just how our bodies are made. Women are from Venous and Mem are from Mars- you know, that stuff. Women would rather have their neck on the headrest pillow so their head can fall back. Maybe it is because we have more curves. Who knows.

These measurements will help you find the perfect chair or recliner for yourself or your family member. Seat height is where we started and so let's end there as well. Many people need a low seat height, because they are not basketball players. They are normal people with normal leg length. Maybe they are even are short people with short legs. Knowing this about yourself means that you need a shallow seat depth as well as short seat height. There are also people though who are long legged or they have pain in their legs, hips and knees. Getting up and down from being seated is very difficult. There is always a lift chair for this induvial if needed, but there is also what they call a High Leg Recliner. This recliner has wooded legs, similar to a wing chair. The legs are about 6 inches high. Adding 6' inches to a seat height will make it much easier to get up and out of this recliner. It makes it much easier to sit down as well vs falling down to the seat.

Seat height can really impart your comfort and your health. Finding the right sized chair for you is always going to fit the best and feel the best.

Come in and see us at Tri City Furniture. We will help you know your measurements and understand why they are important. We have stock and we can find you what you need as soon as possible!

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