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Sectionals to Fit Your Space

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Watch this episode of Design Time to learn how a sectional really could fit into your space.

You may have wanted a sectional before, but unsure about if it would fit in your space. Learn some tips and ideas on how a sectional could change your living space.

First know, sectionals do not have to be large. They do not have to have 16 seats. They do not have to have a 110" TV screen across from them. They could....but they do not have to.

You can use a sectional in a small space. Often they do not take up any more space than a sofa. Three seats across is the same three seats of a sofa. The space in front of the sofa is walkway, so no extra space has been taken. Often a sectional anchors the sitting area to a wall. It makes a wall where there may be no wall. Each room has its own challenges, but also there is always a layout that works best.

Often using a sectional in a room, vs a sofa, chairs or loveseat allows the room to flow smoothly and be less fragmented. Think about have a table, space, sofa, space, table, space loveseat, space.....vs just table, space, sectional, space, table....Option 1 has 8 areas for the eye to focus on vs the 2nd list only having 5. Less is more sometimes! See the images of the same space below to help you understand how a room flow could alter with a sectional.

A sectional can have hidden benefits as well. The corner seat can be used as a chaise lounge so you can stretch out and enjoy the extra space. You may have to mark on the calendar who gets this spot which day of the week. It will be an area that the family fights over. The above image is a square corner within the sectional.. The angle does not allow for leg room when sitting upright. If you have the extra space a pie wedge sectional is a great option allowing you leg space for yourself and maybe a loved one. It's a great area to cuddle up and read a book. See the image below to see how the room layout feels vs a square edge.

There are many options for a room. Your room may seem impossible. Please come and talk to us. We want to help. We can give you specific advice to your room and what may help it become the room you and your family dream of.

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