Fjords Bergen Stress Free chair recliner with the variable adjustment provides continuous support and prevent your legs and back from tiring and it is available a 360 swivel. Bergen is elegant in its blending of tradition and modern design trends. Proper support is given by every stress free chair. You will be more productive and more engaged in the activities of your day if you are not distracted by back and neck pain.The base is produced in laminated, stained wood which gives it an elegant character.

The chair is available in two sizes, small and large.

Quickship Leathers: Sandel, Cappucino, Havana

Choice of Frame Color


Chair Measurements

  • (Large): Width: 32.25″ Height: 41.75″ Depth: 33.75″ Seat Height: 17.75″ Seat Depth: 18″

Ottoman Measurements:

  • Width: 19.5″ Height: 16.5″ Depth: 18.5″

The Hjellegjerde brothers have been designing and creating furniture for over 70 years. They began as a humble family business and have grown into an exceptional name in furniture worldwide. Their original design ideas, commitment to excellence and personal pride in their work have brought the bliss of Norway to 5 continents.

Below are the lavish features standard in Fjords Chairs: 

  • The movement ability of the recliners is designed to allow your body to form its own natural, comfortable “resting position”
  • The continuous movement of these recliners allows your body to truly relax. Each individual segment contributes to the proper support for your neck, shoulders, back and hips to relax. The benefits extend beyond those body parts as the entire body will benefit from a reduction in tension.
  • Fjords® Active Release System – All of our recliners have a unique, built-in mechanism that automatically provides the best neck and back support.
  • Many models come with an adjustable headrest to accommodate users of different sizes to experience the same comfort from one recliner.
  • Lower back support
  • The two sizes: Small & Large, allow for each person to find the perfect fit!
  • Each model comes with a standard 10 year warranty
  • All models come with a sticker underneath the armrest to allow them to be traced in the event you have a question about your specific model/recliner.

Choose one of our readily stocked items for faster delivery times or customize your seat to your unique tastes with an array of leather and wood stain options. “A genuine sense of well-being through individual choices…”

Bergen Chair & Ottoman (Small)