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Big Spaces, Big Changes Before & After Design

So, just looking through the photos, ask yourself..."What home would you prefer to live in?"

Most individuals would say the home on the right, the home AFTER the makeover. And if you asked them why, they most likely would tell you..."because it feels more open and clean. " They may even say they feel at peace in this house....but why??

Transformation Aspects:

  • A pleasing focal point has been created. 


Look at the Before shot. There is less in the photo, but you don't know where to focus. I want to look out the window, but my eye gets stopped at the window trim no wait, look at the paint color and design, no wait a minute....I am now looking at the fireplace brick shading, or should I focus on the glass design on the fireplace. See, there are just so many aspects that all fight each other vs complementing each other. 


In the After shot, your eye naturally focuses on the fireplace and it's rich contrast to the wall color. I can next look out the window and enjoy the backyard because my eye is not caught on the trim. Clean lines on the furniture to match the lines of the architecture. 

A Closer Look: 


  • Front Door: We love color and paint, so please do not run to the store for a gallon of white or gray paint. Look at the two photos above of the door area. It is the same door in both photos, but the mauve door masks the beauty of the windows surrounding the door. Just as the trim of the tall window on the steps steals the beauty of the staircase. There is just too much to look at again! Taking the walls to a neutral color and giving the trim a rich contrast demands your eye to focus where they desire- not where you should focus. The dark staircase also makes a nice separation between the two areas- uper level and lower. My eye stops at the staircase and comes back down to the accent chests and artwork, where I should be focusing...on the Art in the room. 
  • Living Room: We already mentioned a few items in this space. Mainly, it is overloaded with focal points as well. Your room needs a distinctive focal point. Most often it is a media area or a fireplace. If the space allows you to have on focal point- great! If not, try to make each point next to each other vs across the room from each other. Room setup is much easier with one focal point. We chose to use a Conversation Couch in this space, because of the matching wedge shaping of the room. The curve of the sofa allows for easy communication within the space and allows your guests to have a comfortable seat for a movie or looking out the window. This space can comfortably seat 6 people.

  • Walkway to Dining: We know this family loves the color green, but maybe try the color on your pillow set or on the accent chair. If you choose to change out your colors in a few years you won't feel so bad, because you will not have to pull out the scaffolding to paint again. At this home, they also opened up the walkway door to the dining room. So much of this home is large spaces for viewing, so why not take that wall down. What a difference it makes in the room's openness. 

  • Dining Room: Yup- the color Mauve again....and yes, it is a beautiful color, but why have all those beautiful windows then? Here we again kept the neutral color (same as in the Living Room to "grow" the openness.). We used a complementary LVT floor laid with the pattern going the length of the room, again, extending visibility the room's length. Do you notice that gray area in the before shot on the left? Yup, that is another fireplace. Sure, that may be great, but where do you keep your china or make your drinks? Let's just say, don't over do a good thing! Even Little House on the Praire only had one fireplace. Put in the dining room space something useful! Maybe a China Hutch or a drinking mixing bar- something that would fit in a dining room. Doing this makes the Living Room More special as well. Keep your looks similar in the space- see how the chest and the table complement each other! Both items have a beautiful design, but they are not overtaking the room in any way...allowing you to enjoy the harmony of the space altogether. 

  • Kitchen: Do you even believe this is the same home? Would you ever guess that this before kitchen was with that grand living room? Wow! What a difference! The set up in the kitchen is really not all that different from the before and after layouts. Both shots have cabinets lining the wall and an island in the center. In the before shot though, I bet all you could see was the wall color and the cabinet doors. Do you want people to look at your cabinet doors? No! They should be looking at the art in the room! Doors are function, not art. So many people forget this! Design the room so the tile, the stools, the art or the table in the next room to be the art of your space. Allow your family, your 5-year-old eating CoCoPuffs to be the art of the space. Don't overdo a space!


We are here to help you design your space. Call us for any project, great or small. We will even come to your space and talk about options that will bring you joy and peace. We often help individuals even when they are in the blueprint stage. Let's make your rooms the best they can be! See more photos of this transformation below and join us again for the Next Transformation Tuesday! 

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