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What Type of Foundations are Available for Beds Today?

Design Time on WMEN TV5

February 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

I always thought that a mattress needed a box spring....but that might not be true!  Welcome to DesignTime this morning,  with Kathy Kilbourn and we are here at  TriCity Furniture.

1. Kathy, am I correct that mattresses need a box spring?


Actually, you are correct that mattresses need a support system, but there are several types of systems used today beyond a box spring!

Today an electric adjustable base is being used with many mattresses.  If you have an electric bae, you do not need a box spring.  Usually, this type of base will also come with the frame/leg system.  Because an adjustable base is heavy, they want to make sure you have enough support for the mattress and the body weight!


Is there another system available that doesn’t use a box spring?

Yes, another style would be a linkspring  with built in legs!  It is used when people what more space under a bed to allow for storage.  The plastic crates will easily slide under. This type of frame offers the support so no box spring is needed, and it has legs so no bed frame is needed either! They are very nice for form rooms. Less to bring or take, but also less so you have more storage space. 


Is there anything else?

Well, there are a couple variable, but the main option would be when you have a storage bed with drawers underneath the mattress, so you just need to support the mattress and it needs to be we would use a Bunkie board which is a wood frame, that is covered with some padding and a cover.  It sits in the frame and is only about 2” thick.  Another option would be what we call roller slats.....these are wood slats that are hooked together with a band so the slats stay in place, and are usually screwed into the wood side rails so the support stays constant!


So, Kathy, there are so many do you know what is right?


Hopefully, the person you are talking with will tell you the system that is recommended....but be aware, that there are different options, and depending on the bed, size and who is using it, you always want to get the very best support!


Thank you Kathy, and Thank you for watching DesignTime! If you have more questions, please let Kathy or her staff help you!

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