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Why Are Bed Frames so Many Different Prices?

Design Time on WMEN TV5

February 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Thank you for tuning into DesignTime... Kathy Kilbourn from TriCity Furniture is here today, talking about bed frames and why there are so many different prices!  

So, Kathy, isn’t a bed frame, a bed frame?

There are lots of variable to that part of the bed that we call a bed frame.....such as size, height, weight of the steel, how many legs, if it is adjustable, and what type of casters or glides it might have!


I see, that is a lot of options.....let’s talk about if I need a frame for a queen mattress, do I purchase a queen frame?

Yes, you can buy just a queen frame, but there are also frames which would be adjustable, such as a full/queen, or a queen/king, but there are also frames that will do all sizes, which we call a universal frame, and it will accommodate a twin, twinXL, full, queen cal king, and king size!


That seems like that would be the smart one to purchase as then you have whatever you need!

Yes, it is a great option, but it is made heavier because of the larger bed sizes it can be used with, and it comes with more center supports which are needed when using it with a queen or king mattress.....and because of those two features, it will be more expensive as compared to just purchasing a lighter weight twin frame that comes with just the 4 price becomes the issue, but you have to understand what you are getting much more in that price point. 


.Let’s talk about the type of legs, casters and you said there are do I know which of these I need and why?

Bed frames usually are thought to have casters, so that they move easily for cleaning.....but today, so many people have hard surface floors in their bedrooms, so the flat glide works better on the Hard surface.  They move easily, but do not roll when you don’t want them too.


 I also want to mention, there are different casters....some which are the older style ball caster, more heavy duty, and then the double roller style which is also heavy duty, and the the smallest single roller, which should only be used with lighter weight bodies, and smaller beds such as twin!  The type of caster/glide also is a price factor!


Because we don’t purchase these things very often, I can see there is a lot of information which is needed to make sure we get the best product for the any we use it!


 Thank you Kathy, for explaining all of these differences in bed frames, and thank you for tuning into DesignTime!

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