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How do we know what type of bed frame is best?

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Welcome to DesignTime! Today, we are talking about bed frames!  You most often need one when setting up a new bedroom. So, let's learn the differences of them. 

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 What is a bed frame? 

There are a lot of differences in bed frames....the size, the weight of the steel, the type of casters or rollers or glide and , how many legs a frame offers with or without a support beam and does that support beam have center feet! All of these variable vary the price! I am surprised at how many calls I get about price first and only. No one ever asks about the frame. Just the price.


There are so many differences

that you really need to know all the details

before you compare one bed frame to another. 


For instance. The photos show above look almost the same, correct....but the first one has glide feet, not casters. The first photo is only for a full size mattress. The other frame fits a number of mattress sizes and it has a support beam. Even the locking and set up system is very different between the two frames. Yes, they look alike, but the metal grade and details do vary and are very different!


So, when you talk about the size, don’t we just need the size of the bed we want to use?

Yes, that is the most important for now, but what if you have a full size mattress today, but are thinking that in your next home, you might like a queen bed, it would be smart to purchase a frame that would fit both a full and a queen! We offer at Tri City Furniture frames that are universal in size. They can be a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen or King Mattress. So you only invest in the frame part once. Sounds pretty smart to me! 


The weight of the steel is that important!

This is always an interesting cautious conversation when clients bring up wanting a heavy duty frame. It's like they want to tell you they need it or haven't had it in the past. That something went wrong. Maybe the bed broke or squeaks, but they really don't want to tell you the details and that it is ok! You can know....

There are two main factors here....a heavier mattress set really should have a more heavy duty frame, and you should also consider the weight of the bodies that will sleep on it.  So no matter if you are jumping on the bed or you just bought a really nice mattress- both reasons are good to get a better built frame. 

 A 3 year old child does not need a really heavy duty frame,

unless they use it as a trampoline......

as compared to a 6 ft tall teenage that is a football player!  

kids jumping on bed.jpg

If you want the bed to hold up,

the frame is the bottom support, just like the foundation in your house!

 It will help your mattress last longer as well!

Invest again in your mattress life with a better foundation. 


How many legs should my bed have?.....I always thought a bed frame has 4 that correct?

If you are talking about a twin bed, or a full size, yes it would have 4 legs, and that is all those mattress sizes need.....

But if you go to a queen or a king size, you really need more center support, especially because larger beds usually have more body weight...2 adults, 1,2, or 3 kids and don’t forget the pets!  Queen always need at least one leg extra in the center, and many kings will have a couple legs in the center....for a total of 5 or 6!  Again, the frame is so important to give good support to your bed system!

Most mattress companies will have an inspector look

at your bed frame if you have a mattress claim.

If you do not have center leg support your

mattress claim most likely will not go thru. 


You many not have known there were so many variable to bed frames.... and you can see that the price is an important factor, but there are quite a few reasons why the prices vary on a bed frame!


You need to understand the frame

is an important factor In keeping

the integrity of your mattress set, so be sure you have the bed frame it needs!

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