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The Best Foam Mattress

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May 2020

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May28th- June10th



The most advanced pillow-cooling technology availableOmniphase phase change material provides continual temperature regulation with ventilation for superior airflow. Phase change molecules capture and release heat as needed to maintain the optimum sleep temperature throughout the night. To further the cooling propertiesactivated carbon infused in the foam creates a pathway to filter heat away from the headfaceand neck. Now you can enjoy the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam while sleeping at the perfect temperature. Lastlya TENCEL mesh cover creates a softsmooth surface that helps control humidity while allowing maximum exposure to the Omniphase coating. A &199.00 Value 

There are so many Choices of Mattresses!

Wow, there are a lot of choices in mattresses! Where do I begin to figure it out? This seems to be a major question today….there are just so many variables and features. To make a good choice, you need to understand what is in a mattress and what kind of sleep support it will give!


Many people decide what mattress to purchase by price. Generally that will get you a mattress, but not necessarily a comfortable sleep. You need to understand your body’s needed support to get the best sleep. Let’s look at a couple of mattress styles and their characteristics! This will help you understand what mattresses offer today.


Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the way mattresses have been made for many years. Steel springs will be the core of the support system. There are variables in the number of coils as well as the weight of the steel. Coil counts may range from 188 coils to 2000 coils. The size of the coil will vary as well and there may be a coil inside a coil….and all the coils do count!

The gauge of steel makes a difference in how the body weight will be supported. A “1” gauge steel would be as large as a pencil and is used many times as a border wire. A 13 gauge is lighter weight than a 12 gauge, and therefore would give a softer feel. How the coils are connected to each other, as well as the steel weight will vary the feel of the bed for you and your partner.

Innerspring mattresses were originally made with padding on both sides (top and bottom) so that the bed could be flipped. I should say, had to be flipped to even out the wear patterns. Many people did not or could not flip their beds and body impressions became evident. Because of this problem, many manufacturers came up with easy care beds which did not require flipping. (The flip-able style is still available though, if you desire.)

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Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses have become very popular in the last 30 years. Specialty foams are memory foam and latex foam. These two foams have different characteristics and therefore offer support much different from each other!

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a synthetic closed cell foam. It allows for you to sink into it, so it cradles your body without pressure points. Because of the closed cell, it reflects your body temperature back up. Serta iComfort has added a blue cooling gel to the foam to help keep you cooler. Remember that there are many ways to make a foam mattress, by adding different layers of foams-not all layers will be memory foam! This is the way to get variable prices! Memory foam reacts to temperature, so it will be firmer in colder temperatures and gets softer the warmer it is. This foam allows you to sink into it, cuddling every part of your body. Serta uses a cell system to give your body the support you need and their new cooling technology is one of a kind. 


Latex Foam

Latex foam is a natural product, much like real foam rubber. It is made from the sap of a tree, then cooled to get the foam consistency. It is poured into a shape that is like a ‘bed of nails.’Because of this design, latex foam breaths and does not cause you to sleep warm. Latex has a firmer tendency which gives more support to your body. You will lay more on this foam, feeling it pushing up giving your body support

These two foams have longer life resiliency, so usually carry longer warranties. Their feels do not change over time like polyurethane foams, so you want to make sure you love the feel! Remember, memory foam you will sink in and latex foam you will sleep on!


Hybrid Mattresses

The hybrid mattress is a combination of coils and specialty foams. Today people are intrigued by the specialty foam beds, but do not want to jump into an all foam bed. Hybrid Mattresses combine the innerspring system with memory foam or latex foam padding systems to take advantage of the benefits of both technologies. Hybrid mattresses allow you to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.

The coils and the padding systems the are two main variables, but other things like the foundation (box spring, adjustable base), as well as your bed support system (frame, support beams) can cause variable feels.


We will help you understand the difference as you try each of the bed styles, so come with some time to relax and try the support system styles. Looking at a bed or sitting on the edge is not going to give you the best understanding of how your body will feel after 8 hours of sleep



We have mattresses made by Serta- iComfort, Serta Perfect Sleepers and Majestic Sleep,that are all made in Michigan with 100% American products. Come on over and we will help you find the perfect mattress!

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