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Steps to Choose the Best Mattress!

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Febuary 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today we talked on TV5 about....

Choosing a new mattress can be extremely confusing. There seems to be so many choices! How do you know what would be the best bed for your body? 


Let Us Be Your Mattress Guide

Selection of the correct support system is a very difficult job. There are so many different firmnesses! Do you pick coils? How many coils is the best? Which kind of foams will not sag? There are many questions about mattresses, because there are so many ways manufacturers make them. The key is to get the correct system to support your body comfortably!


At TriCity Furniture, we carry many different styles of mattresses, including traditional coil spring, specialty foams made with Memory Foam and Latex Rubber, and also hybrids, which use coils and specialty foams.

Let’s take a look at some questions that should help you narrow in on which bed would be the best for you!

Mattress Sizes

Who is the Mattress For?

  • Is this bed for yourself or you and a partner?

  • Is this bed for a child moving out of a crib or an older child?

  • Will this bed be used occasionally by guest?

  • Is this mattress set for your cottage?



What is Wrong with the Old Mattress?

  • Why do you need a new mattress?

  • Is your mattress old and worn out?

  • Is it just too small?

  • Do you want to upgrade to a better quality to improve my quality of sleep?

  • Do you and your partner roll together to the middle?

  • Did you recently have a great night’s sleep at a hotel and want to look Purchasing a new bed?

What Prevents Good Sleep?

  • Do you have trouble getting comfortable, so you toss and turn?

  • Do you have back or neck pain that makes it hard to fall asleep?

  • Do you wake up in the night because you are too hot or cold?

  • Does your partner move around and it wakes you up?

  • Is your mattress sagging and just uncomfortable?

Do You Know What is Inside a Mattress?

  • Are you sleeping on an innerspring mattress now and prefer to stay with that?

  • Are you sleeping on an innerspring mattress now but am open to other types?

  • Are you sleeping on a specialty foam such as Memory Foam and would like to grade to a better specialty foam bed?

In What Position Do You Sleep?

  • Do you sleep on your stomach?

  • Do you sleep on your side?

  • Do you sleep on your back?

  • Does your sleep position vary?

Your answers will provide us with better understanding for the support system your body needs. It is important to support you entire body throughout the night, for less aches and pains when you wake up. Not too long ago, I read an article about how the Chinese people wanted to purchase only USA made mattresses, due to working in their factories and knowing what goes into the middle of the their mattresses. That was a wake up call! Our mattresses are all American made! It makes a difference! It allows you to sleep with peace of mind that you are not breathing in harmful substances throughout the night.


It allows you to know that you are helping support neighbors and communities right here in Michigan by purchasing a Serta mattress and they will stand behind their warranty, just how they have for the past 85 years!


You Deserve A Good Night’s Sleep! Visit our mattress showroom and talk to one of our “Comfort Experts” to determine the perfect mattress for you. You’ll be surprised to find our mattress prices are competitive with box-retail mattress stores!

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