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What is Included when Buying a Bed

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January 2021

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When you want a bed, what is included?


 So many times, we ask for what we think is pretty simple, and pretty direct, but  it may not give us what you really want! Today on Design Time, we are here with Kathy from TriCity Furniture in Auburn, and we are going to talk about beds....and what a bed includes!


You may ask....

I  need a bed for a family member or myself, maybe in the spare room.

So I go out to buy a bed.....why is this not all the information that I need to give to the salesperson whom I am talking to? What else should I tell them?

There are several components to a bed, so it is important to explain what you really need. Such as you want a new mattress and  box spring only!  For many people that is what they are really asking for?


So, if I need a new mattress, is that not a new bed?

No, because a ‘Bed’ consists of several pieces, it is important to explain everything that you need....the parts of the bed consist of a Mattress, a support system like a box spring, a frame, and a headboard, and maybe a footboard, side rails, slates.....  What a new buyer doesn’t understand is that these parts have so many variables, so when you ask for a bed, we are not sure what you really need! At Tri City Furniture, we will walk you through the process in a simple manor to help you touch, see and understand what may work best for you!

Being specific is going to get you the information

you need to know and the best options available. 

It is so important....we might guess you need a mattress, but do you need a box spring or an electric base? Yes, some mattresses will not work on an electric base, so that is a question we will ask you to think about. 

Are you using an existing frame with a headboard, or do you need a whole headboard, footboard and frame?  Some adjustable bases can not have a headboard attached, but can use a headboard, footboard and side rails system where the mattress unit sits inside the bed frame system.

Because their are so many variables to putting a bed together, we do not price it all together because you might only need a mattress, or a metal frame. All of these parts come from different manufacturers, so we are not sure what should be priced together for you. Similar to an can put a lot of combinations together which will fulfill different needs and different prices. 


So, what are the parts of a bed?

Usually we think of the ‘bed’ as the wood parts that usually match a bedroom suite. like the dresser and nightstand.  You may also want a bed using a metal  frame, or an upholstered box bed, or just a many options! You could have storage in the headboard or on the sides vs a nightstand. There is under the bed drawers at the end or on the sides the mattress.  Don't assume that all the pieces are included.  There may not even bolts for the headboard in the box...things that you think would be included are not ways. Many stores and manufactures offer it as a separate pieces, because they don't know if you are using their new or your old. 

We will walk you through the different pieces, but realize there are lots of parts that make a bed!  We are not trying to make it confusing.....just wanting to get you exactly what you need!

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