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How do I know if a Chair fits me?

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November 2020

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How do I know if a Chair fits me?


Since we have been home more this year, and using our home more, working from home, and doing school at home...we might be realizing that we are not as comfortable in our sofa and chairs as we would like!  Let's talk about how to know if our chairs or sofa fits us!


  •  Think..."I'm going to look for a new chair.....what is important to know to make sure that the chair will fit me correctly?"


Understanding that furniture is build with many different variables is so important.  In a recliner, we want to make sure that the depth of the seat is correct for our upper leg.  If the recliner’s seat is too deep, we will not have good back support.  Also, if the chair is too tall and hits our head in the upper back of our head, it will push your head forward, and not support your neck!


  • What else is important when looking?


If you are just sitting in the chair, you want to make sure that the seat height allows your feet to stay on the floor. If your feet dangle, they will go to sleep and then it will be harder to walk when you get up!


  • How do we figure out what recliner would fit us best?


Come see me and try them! Most chairs are made standard for people about 5’8....but there are several different sized chairs if you look for them. We carry them! So if you are 5’2, we have smaller scaled chairs that will accommodate shorter legs.  Some reclining chairs come in variable sizes, a smaller petite, a standard and even a large.  It is important to try them as one may fit you better as compared to another!  It is best if someone who know the products assists you to find the perfect chair fit! Maybe you want firm arms, wide seat, further back arm rests... there are a lot of choices. Talk to us and we will direct you!


  • I understand that shorter people have a hard time finding the small scale chairs, but what about taller most chairs fit them?


Actually that can be just as big of a problem.  Taller people if their body is divided out somewhat equal, they will fit a lot of chairs, but if they have really long legs, finding the chair that fits is just as difficult.  Usually they will fit and get better leg support if they use an ottoman as compared to a regular recliner!  

Fitting a chair is like finding the perfect pair of is all about the fit to get the COMFORT!

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