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Christmas Tables.....frosty White or Bright!

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December 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

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Christmas Tables.....frosty White or Bright!


Now we are in the mist of the holiday season....and hopefully, you have done some decorating in your home, ready to put you in the mood to celebrate.  Today on DesignTime, we talked a bit about the Christmas table.


  • Here are two different looks, simple and elegant......let’s talk about this side first.....


Yes, this is what I call my Frosty White! It has many elements...Dacron, marshmallows, white Christmas balls, and don’t forget the sparkle. It is fun, but also has an elegant to it by keeping it all classic white.


  •  What do we do first to put this together?


On this table, I decided I am going to leave my decorations through the meal so everything is laying on my tablecloth, but if I wasn’t, I would start with a that I can easily move my decorations off the table when it is time to eat. Dim you lights and light the will make the meal so memorable!


  • What do we do next?


Add your candles first, then the Dacron (cotton fluff) pieces and marshmallows, and then layer in the balls.....they will lay on the Dacron easily and not roll around! Dim you lights and light the will make the meal so memorable!


  •  Ok, let’s move to this side! This has a much different look!

Yes, this is my Bright side!  Today, we are able to find a lot of decorations in all sorts of bright fun colors!  Red and green are traditional, but why not try fuchsia and lime....or like here I am

using purple and teal!  


  •  Tell us about this centerpiece!


So this is a statement can start on your dining table, and move easily to your Livingroom coffee table of accent chest!  I started with a wreath that I bought, opened it, and layer it across the taller clear vase....add some lights, hang some ornaments and sparkles and you have a centerpiece that will wow your guest!


  •  Extra Tips....


Don’t forget to use carry the details through with your place settings with napkins, glassware, plates, etc.....they are the pieces that complete the look!

And always be aware of candles and dry materials that you have around the candles.. Paper bags and wrapping paper fluff next to a tea light may look great, but make sure it still looks amazing after the kids come through. Stay safe!

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