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Why are sofas usually in solid colors?

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December 2020

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Why are sofas usually in solid colors?


Today, we are talking about fabrics on I remember back to my grandparents, they had sofas that had floral print and even plaids......but we don’t see that much today...why is that?


It really comes down to price.....back when imports started in the 70’s, they were not good at making fabric that were printed.....they couldn’t get the color to stay constant and the pattern repeats to be that made it hard to match strips and, patterns take a lot more yardage so that was a big cost factor! So with the flow of imported furniture to the USA, prints and florals went away. Most often you will know if a company is American Made, because it will have lots of choices. Choice of fabrics, styles, arms....and more.


Are we seeing the sofas move away from solids today?


The imports are still using the solid fabrics, but the American manufacturers do have more textures available for their products.  When a sofa was in a print, usage and soiling was very difficult to see....but on a plain fabric, everything we are seeing people ask for fabrics that have more hiding power! Textures are great. Tweeds- wide or tight are nice. Small repeats are nice. Yes, we see clients doing more plain, but we also do a lot of patterns and textures. We also do fun elements like contrast welts or contrast buttons. It all depends on the room and all the elements you are putting into the room. 


Are there florals and strips available today?


Yes, but you will only find them from the American manufacturers, and typically the higher quality companies as they are the ones who have the people who know how to put those patterns on correctly. If you pick a plaid, you want the lines to match up all the way down the piece. Or if you pick a center print, you want it to be in the center, not 3 inches to the left. The companies who offer these patterns and details have been doing it for years and should be able to produce it correctly. If not, you will notice. Always ask. It will save you tears, because you will not like it if it is off centered!


Do you think we will go back to having more printed fabrics on our sofas?


Actually I do think that the heavier textures are going to make a big comeback just for the ease of maintenance for people...

I think people like the prints to be on smaller pieces like pillows, wall art, area rugs and accent chairs.  Working with a solid sofa or sectional allows for easier changes by switching pillows and an area rug, as compared to changing to sofa! But there is no right or wrong way., it all is in the look you want! That is why we have 1200 fabrics in the store! We are here to help you. Don't be overwhelmed. We have a process we follow that help you put the pieces all together in the correct order. It will be fun, we promise!

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