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Why has Power in Reclining Furniture become so popular?

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March 2021

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Why has Power in Reclining Furniture become so popular?


Kathy from TriCity Furniture is here to talk about reclining furniture and the types of mechanisms that are available and how they work. You may know about a rocker recliner or a wallhugger, but are there more.  A feature that we hear a lot about is power in these pieces today!


So you may have asked...

"I am able to open and close my Recliner myself, but today I see

that many of them work with power.....why is that?"


I really believe that we are in such an electronic life style, the expectation for the movement of these products is to be done with power.  Think about power windows in is not something we need as the turn knobs worked fine, but everything is power today!  Also, with power, they are able to add different features that work from the inside of the chair that cannot be done with out a motor!


"Do we need to worry about  how well the power works since it is a newer feature?'


Actually, power in a recliner is not new.  We have had power lift chairs for several decades.  The power opening and closing is much the same opening and closing, it just does not lift the seat higher!  These motors work well and usually last for a long time!


"Does the recliner work better with power?"


I do believe there are less issues with recliner frames, mechanism and cushions when people use power.  They are not pushing on the arms, kicking the footrests down, or pulling and pushing on the handles or mechanism release pulls.  

You just have to remember is goes up at one speed and down at one speed! Many people think that the movement is very slow, but the motors have really improved in speed over the last few years. 


"What type of options are available with Power Recliners?"


The main feature is the open and close, but lumbar support in the back is great as well as the head tilt!  Some chairs will also have massage and heat.  There can be several motors in the same chair! If you have not tried the power head tilt it is a fantastic feature. You are able to actually lay back and relax and have your head in a position which is comfortable to read or watch television well you are getting the support you need. 

The lumbar is also great, because you may have had a hard day and need more support rolled out or maybe the seat is slightly too deep for you, roll out the lumbar and you will get the exact comfort you want. 


Now, if that chair could clean my house and make food, we would never have to get up! 


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