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Delay, delay, delay.......what is the hold up?

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September 2020

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1.Delay, delay, delay.......what is the hold up?

Since the start of the pandemic, there is so much that has changed in our lives.....staying home, virtual school, many businesses closed, and working from home. But now, things are opening, and we have somewhat of a, let’s talk about furniture products and what is happening in the world of home furnishings!


Kathy, are things moving like before the pandemic started?

  • For the American manufacturers, things were moving about the same once they were able to get people back into the factories, but due to the demand on products over the last couple of months, things have slowed down a lot, for a couple of reasons.....

    • The factories are in the southern states, and these states were hit again with more restrictions, so that has slowed production.

    • Getting Raw materials such as fabric and wood has also become difficult to get! So, you need to consider that everything is just moving slower!

    • Not enough employees!


What is the biggest problem manufacturers are facing today?

  • Getting the raw materials seems to be the biggest issue. The American companies, remember, make the furniture for you when you order it. It is not sitting in a warehouse or a container that came over from China. The American companies produce the product for you with materials here in the states when the order is submitted. Normally this is about 4 weeks.

  • I talked to one of the companies earlier this week and they told me that they have been contacting the mills who provides their fabric. The mill reported to them, that they were having a very difficult getting yarn, therefore they could not produce the fabrics. These issues are new to all of us. Manufactures are searching for new distributes, but demands are getting higher and the process of picking a new quality company to put your name on without checking them out completely or their factory out is very difficult. 

Are all of your manufacturers able to continue production? 

  • To a point, there are certain things that don't seem to have any hold this point. A number of our companies have a good supply of material that are ready to assemble, but then there are some other companies that have told us that there would be an 18 week wait (fingers crossed) due to a small part or material not currently in stock. Even Amazom does not have it!

  • Some of the companies are also running slower, because they are working at 50% staff due to new regulations. The demand and orders are higher and getting even higher, but the staff and craftsmen who normally produce the furniture are not all able to return to work. 

  • Freight lines are also moving slower. Due to businesses closing temporary or permanently, the freight routes have changed and not as much is moving through some areas like they did before. You may be waiting extra time, just because a truck is waiting for "special hours" to be unloaded or to be reassigned and redistributed to get to our area of the state. 


When can we expect things to be running back on schedule?

  • I have heard many people joke that this may all change after the election and maybe there is some truth in that. I hope it will end sooner than later, because it is hard on all of us. It is hard on the Grandma who needs her lift chair. It is hard on the man waiting for his mattress, because his back is in so much pain. It is hard on us making the calls and giving updates on possible delays.


This is is very hard on our American Companies who may be loosing sales, but are trying with all their might to stay in business in order to continue to provide jobs to their employees and community. 

So, what is your advice to people who want to purchase a new piece? 

  • I would tell them, find what you really want...

  • Buy American made quality, and then be patience. Companies are calling daily with new issues and new updates.  They are stuck unless they have materials and workers! We want to deliver to our clients, but we can only do it as quick as we receive it!

  • Be patience! Remember, canceling an order will only put you at the back of the line. I have heard many stores right now that stores will not even sell their floor models, because they can't afford to have them missing off their floor. Probably what you want is NOT sitting in another store either. All companies are feeling this withdrawal from computer companies, car manufacturers and into your home goods. I have seen the empty shelves at the Big Box stores too!

  • This is not a mid-Michigan issue either. This is across the whole united states. All companies right now are dealing with it. It is very hard to understand, because normally within a day of a "click" what we want is at our doorstep.

Take this time to really plan what you want.

Come in and talk to us about the WHOLE PLAN!

Talk to one of our designers and get a new room plan and layout done.

Be confident in your choice and then it will be worth the wait! 

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