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I Want a New Look, but I Don't Want to be Trendy!

Design Time on WMEN TV5

March 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

I want a new look, but don’t want it trendy... is there design which will stay a long time?


Good morning and today we are talking about one of my favorite subjects, current trends in home furnishing.....but focused on design which isn’t so trendy!  


Kathy, I want to update my room, but I cannot afford to do it all at once.....are there styles today which will stay with us for a while?

There are several things you can do to update a space, and have it work for quite a few years!  I always recommend to put a plan together to figure out what your end result will be, and then consider what order you want to make the changes. This can be determined by need (which piece needs to be replaced the quickest due to comfort or broken) or the list can be by dollars.


So what is one of the things we do to make change our room?

Updating a room can be a combination of things. Color is one of the first things to look at.  Also, the kind of pieces that are in the room.....such as a China cabinet.  If it is country style in a brown maple wood, and you want to change to a more casual lifestyle, that piece is hard to work it needs to move to another space, or it needs to change.....maybe remove the China top and just use the buffet part, and possibly paint it!


Is there one piece we should start with ?

The largest piece always tends to have the biggest impact, so if you still have a burgundy fabric sofa from the 90’s, that is going to be hard to work with since burgundy is not in many furniture fabrics today!  But if you have a brown sofa, that would be easier since it is a neutral, and lots of newer fabrics include brown tones.


Do you see trends changing quickly in home furnishing today?

There are trends coming and going very quickly.  I think that many of them bypass us because they move from Europe, then to the US coasts, like NY and LA, but then they slow down as they move through the rest of the US, and they tend to soften as they go!  I have seen some clothing styles come out and once they leave the big cities, they dwindle very quickly, as customers do not buy them, and they disappear!  Also, keep in mind, some trends are focused on certain age groups, that love change, and can afford it, but most trends that stick around are much soften and focus on a larger and older group!

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