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What is a Welt?

Design Time on WMEN TV5

March 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

A welt or No Welt, that is the question... and just what is a welt?

Today we are talking about Welts.... so.... just what is Welt?

Scatter back witg Contrast welt.jpg

A welt is the round fabric covered piece that goes around the edges of an upholstered piece.  You could say a decorative edge, but really they give shape and stability to what they go around, such as the pillows and arms.


Is a welt is a good thing to have on your upholstered piece?

Yes, it is a design feature, and some times is done in a coordinated color, fringe or decorative cord to create a ‘look’.    Also, I think welts help seat cushions to hold their shape better!



Can welts be removed?

You can do pieces without welts, so it gives a smoother shape.  Years ago, people had issues with welts wearing so they sometimes like it gone, but with today’s fabrics, they usually are not a problem!


Are there other options if you don’t use a welt?

There are other seam options such a a French seam which is stitched, opened and the has one top stitch. Also, the baseball stitch can be used where it is sewn, then opened and has a double top stitch...many frames today are using the baseball stitch with contract thread color as a design feature!


There are a lot of options to consider today!  

Yes, and it comes down to how you use it, and how it looks!  

We always want the look, but we never forget about durability!


Thank you for tuning in to DesignTime... we will see you next week!

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