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Steps on How to Decorate and Determine What Fits

Design Time on WMEN TV5

April 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today on TV5 we talked about....

Because there are so many shapes and sizes used today, it seems very difficult to layout how to setup a living room. Some rooms have an open floor plan, so they are really large and then others are small and have shorter walls to work with? How do I pick what works best? 

Sometimes at 3am, when I can't sleep,  I watch that show called

The Great British Baking Show. On it, the contestants have to make these fine puff pastries and yummy British dishes just by looking at the end product. What? If you asked me to do that, even though I am an OK baker, they would never turn out correctly!

That is similar to how setting up a room is. We have to know all the ingredient, all the pieces first to get it correct for you! So, I really can't tell you step by step, but I can give you some good tips here!

Cranberries Chocolate Cakes
Painting Walls decorating a room

First, You PICK a room opposite from how you complete it. 

  • Most people get so excited about a new room makeover! They rush right out and purchase new paint....because that is something we can do right? It is instant. It will change the look of the room today and we don't have to wait....This is NOT where you should start!

  1. Determine you Layout of the room- furniture and focal point placement

    • Where is the TV? Is it going to be a sofa or sectional. ​

      • YES- You can have sectionals even in small rooms!

    • Who is using the room? How many seats do you need?

    • What is the scale of furniture you should have for this size room? 

    • Would reclining furniture work in this space or do you need a chair and ottoman? 

  2. Select your new furniture

    • Start with the biggest piece you can that your budget will allow. For example, if you can only buy one thing today- start with the sofa or the sectional....then add the accent chairs later. 

      • The sofa color/ texture will determine the room's color hue and shade. ​

      • If you can- pick you accent chairs, recliners, ottomans, side tables....all of it!

  3. Select your flooring​

    • ​Are you doing carpet or hard surfaces? ​​

    • Were do the lines in the room start and stop? 

  4. Select Window Treatments​

    • Blinds, roller shades- what look and privacy do you want? ​

    • Do you have room for drapes in your space? 

  5. Using everything you have just determined, NOW pick your paint color!

    • Paint can be tinted a million ways, so now that you know what color hue ad shade you want​- you don't have to guess at what would be best. The room will come together beautifully knowing all the pieces. 

    • Do you want an accent wall? 

Now to complete the makeover.....

Setting the room up:

Work backwards (from the picking) to get the job completed!

  1. Paint your space

  2. Install your Window Treatments

  3. Install your new flooring

  4. Move your new furniture in

  5. Set up and accessorize the room using your floor plan

Completing the job with a plan will make the job less stressful and more enjoyable. We are here to help you get the look you want. 

We will create room layouts for your space. Show you fabrics, leathers and styles that are great for your look. We can talk about the different Window Treatments and flooring Options. (Yup, we sell flooring and Hunter Douglas Window Treatments too!) We will even help you pick paint and send samples right to your house. 

Let's not make this hard! It should be fun!

how to decorate a room
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