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What Piece Do I Pick First?

Design Time on WMEN TV5

October 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Thank you for joining us today for DesignTime.....we have been talking about different features of furniture and what makes it a quality piece. Today, we want to learn more about the selection process when putting a room together, the order in which we select pieces so that we end up with a beautiful space!


What is the first piece that you should select

  • Really, the first thing in the selection process is not a piece, but the fabric! I find it easier to actually select a print fabric, that will give you the color palette that you want to work with! It could be for a pillow or an accent chair. Once we know the palette, the rest of the selections are much easier!

I understand that will help in the selection process but how do we know what pieces? 

  • If you are redoing a whole room, it is much easier to start with a floor-plan, where we have actually measured the room. Then we know what pieces and sizes will work! We can also be aware of some pieces that might remain in the room like a grandfather clock, or a piano.....we will know some colors that might be existing such as a fireplace that has brick or tile. We want to consider all of these elements so our room compliments all of the parts! If you are just replacing one or two pieces, then we again look at our color palette to see what works.

Ok, we have our colors together, now what do we do? 

  • Now we look at the furniture pieces themselves. I am big on comfort, so I like to narrow in on pieces that fit your height, and want to consider the durability that is needed for the space. A family room will need more relaxing type pieces as compared to a more formal Living room. All of those details are discussed so that the room works for the intended use! I usually say to find the largest piece first and then work to the we would start with the sofa or sectional, move to chairs and end with tables and lamps! Once the large piece is selected, the rest of the pieces are easier to select because they should compliment this sofa style!


Anything else we should know?

  • I always say when going on vacation, to get to our destination, we should follow a map! So, the same is true in our room, we need to put the plan together first, and then buy according to the plan! This way, we get the right pieces, the right sizes, and end up with the beautiful room we want!

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