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Back pillow maintenance...why are they different?

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October 2020

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Back pillow maintenance...why are they different?



We are here with Kathy Kilbourn, from TriCity Furniture......thank you for joining us to day on DesignTime.....where we learn so much about furniture and design. So Kathy, we are talking about back pillow maintenance! Actually, I didn’t know there was maintenance!


So, what are you referring to when you say, back pillow maintenance?

  • Well, the other day, I was at a clients home measuring, and I noticed that the cushions on the back of their sofa were quite wrinkled and flattening. Many times this is from Pets sitting on top of those cushions. The rest of the sofa looked great, but those pillows were tired! So I showed her how to open the pillow and work with the filling to bring it back to life!

Kathy, can you show us how to do that? 

  • Yes, it is quite easy to do.... What the video when it is posted for more help, but you unsip you back cushion. Take out the bagged cushion. Then you want to re-fluff/ bop/ rub/ adjust the back so the fluff is even again. Call it what you want. Then you replace it in the back of the sofa. Sometimes we will replace the backs to a different seat if the backs are the same shape and edge. If you always sit on the arm seats of the sofa, those will of course show wear and the middle seat will not. Switch them with each other for more even wear. This method works on bagged channel dacron filled back cushions. If the back is a molded foam design- you can not re-fluff that type of material due to it being a solid. 

Are all back cushions made so that this fluffing can be done?

  • Well, American manufacturers, generally yes. The cushion may be attached or loose, and should have the zipper to open it! Hopefully, inside there will be another bag and the filling will be inside! That makes it easier to fluff!

Is there one kind of back pillow and Cushioning that is better? 

  •  Most of the manufacturers use a high quality Dacron, but from compressing it with pets, and kids, and laying, that Dacron gets squished, and just needs to be pulled apart and fluffed! Adding more does not alleviate the issues and will make the pillow feel hard! Channel back pillows are the best, as they do not let the Dacron fall to the bottom...but it stays in the channels to help keep the pillow shape!

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