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How do I know what Type of Light Bulb Works Best in my Lamps?

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January 2021

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Hi there, This is Kathy from Tri City Furniture and Today we are talking about lighting and what are the best options for bulbs in your lamps.

You may ask, "Do all table lamps recommend a regular base bulb?"


Most table lamps do use a large base bulb....many sockets can accommodate a three way bulb, but as those are becoming less popular, the socket is just an on and off switch.  This allows you to use some of the newer more efficient bulbs such as LED bulbs which are brighter, last longer and much more cost effective!


What about the CFL bulbs....are they still a good choice?


Again, they are a good option and more efficient for uses.  They do contain some mercury, so if you are kind to the environment, incandescent bulbs or LED’s do not contain mercury so they are easier to dispose of!


What about the brightness of light that a bulb gives?


Brightness is measured in Lumens so the higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb.  This is important for the amount of light....and also consider the wattage.  If you have a lower wattage, it will cost less to operate!

It is also Important to consider the whiteness of the light .....whiter light is good for work areas but a more yellow light is better with colors!

Lighting scale.jpg

Know that light tone can change the look and feel of a room. It can even change the the color of wall paint or fabric. If you are purchasing new furniture, we always suggest to take the fabric home and look at it in YOUR Light. It could cast your colors more warm or cool. Your grey could turn beige or it could turn green depending on what color light you have. You may not notice in the day, but close that window and look at in the evening (or November thru February when there is not as much light) and you will see the tone cast by the lights.

lighting scale 2.jpg
lighting scale3.jpg

Is there anything else to consider when selecting a bulb?


Generally a lamp will have a tag on it, recommending the best bulb size.  If it says up to 60 watts, they do not recommend that you put a 100 watt bulb in it....for several reasons...the electrical part of the lamp may not be heavy enough to carry that wattage, and another reason could be the size of the shade.  Incandescent and halogen bulbs get hot, so you do not want the shade to be too close to the bulb as it could cause a fire!  We want to be safe!  There is a lot of different bulbs, so it is always good to talk to the person at the store to get the correct bulb for your fixture!


Yes, these is a lot to understand about bulbs, and so important to have the correct one!  Thank you for watching DesignTime!

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