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Help! It is so Dark in Winter- Let's Talk Lighting!

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January 2021

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Help, it is so dark in the winter... and difficult to see! Let's Talk about Lights!

The switch back from Daylight saving is something we do here in Michigan, It gets so dark early in the evening and is dark late in the we need our lighting in our homes on much longer than other times of the year!


What is the best thing we can do to see better during these darker times of year?

I think the biggest factor is just having enough light fixtures around your space to put out enough light especially where you sit!


.Is one type of light fixture better than another?


Some fixtures are spatial light which light up an area....and other fixtures such as a table lamp would be focused light.....light which is for a specific place such as next to your chair!  Other lamps might be just accent lighting which puts some light into an area for aesthetics.  Accent lights do not really help you see well, but it looks pretty!

For example of these....

Fireplace Can lights in the ceiling light up the whole room, but are very bright. 

Side table lamps by the sofa, what I am using now as I type on my laptop and then the Christmas glob lamp on the piano across the room. It stays on all the time, because I just like the glow of it at 9pm, 2am or after dinner!

When selecting a lamp, what should be looked for to get better focused light?

1. Look for adjustability to get the light close to you

2.Make sure the light doesn’t come towards you too high to stress your eyes

3.Make sure the lamp can use a larger wattage bulb.....and the shade size should be considered.

4.Try for the lightest color shade to allow the light to come out!

Do you recommend 3 way lamp sockets in the lamps today?

Yes, lamps are great, because you can adjust your brightness. Want to watch a movie and only see the popcorn bowl dimly? Then turn the switch to the first level. If you need a little more light, turn the switch another click. If you are reading or working and want the full wattage of light- then click it again and use the full level. The 3 way bulbs are great for giving you choice. The 3 way bulbs are more expensive, and may burn out quicker, so you may be replacing it more often, but they give you more options. 



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