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Protect Your Investment- Mattress Protectors

Design Time on WMEN TV5

February 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM



Today we talked on TV5 about....


  • How should you protect your new mattress?

A new mattress is truly an investment in your health. If you don't sleep well, you mind, body and spirit are all out of sorts. We don't want that!

When you think about it, you spend more time sleeping vs driving in your vehicle. Really! You do!

Often though, we don't put as much money and effort into our mattress maintenance though as we do our vehicle care.


Here is a link to 10 tips you should know for proper mattress care. 

What are the best maintenance steps that one should do to keep their mattress like new? 

  1.  Purchase a quality mattress that has enough inside components that are suitable for the individual sleeping on it.  Example: A mattress for a couple who both weigh  around 150-200lbs should have around 1000 coils. If you purchase a mattress with 400 coils, you will see wear shortly into the mattress lifespan. 

  2. Make sure your mattress has a proper foundation. This may be a box spring foundation, link spring system or an adjustable base. A  supporting foundation will provide proper support for you and your mattress and give it lasting durability.

  3.  Support your mattress with a solid bed frame. To comply with Serta’s mattress warranty, king and queen-sized beds require a metal bed frame (or base) with rigid center support.

  4. If you have to move your mattress in on your own, always carry it upright. Never bend your mattress to get it in or out of a room. It may flex a little through doorways, but it shouldn’t be folded, curled, or sharply bent.


    • We carry Mattress Protectors at Tri City Furniture. Yes, they may look similar to those you find in the big box stores, but trust me they feel different and come with a 10 year full replacement warranty if they don’t protect the way they claim. Protectors bought in those box stores have a warranty to replace ONLY the cover…NOT your NEW MATTRESS SET!

    • Covers can come with only top protection, 5 sided protection (top and 4 edges) and complete encasement protection. (ideal for allergies, bed bugs and mites. 

    •  Remember- Mattress warranty become void if stained. This stain could come from an accident, coffee  cup spill , a toddler or the roof leaking- so play it safe and pick one up from us!

  6. Keep your mattress clean, dry and remember to rotate it. Just like your vehicle's tires, your mattress needs to be rotated for proper wear and longevity. 

Should I be afraid of Bed Bugs?

  • YES! Beg bugs are not cute and cuddly. We should know this from the bed time poem....they bite. We suggest using a mattress encasement and a mattress cover over it. You may think that you never have insects in your home, but they can be picked up while traveling very easily and brought back to stay with you!  They live off human blood and often leave itchy and painful bites behind. No one wants them, but often they come over through the cracks in the walls or tag along in a suitcase while traveling. 70% of bed bugs live in mattress, headboard and infrastructure of the box spring. The best way to tell if you have a bedbug infestation is to see them. Unfortunately, once bedbugs take up residence in homes and businesses, they can be difficult to exterminate without professional help.

A fully encased mattress protector is the easiest way to maintain your’s and your mattresses’ health. A lot of times a fitted sheet type protector will be suggested when a new mattresses is purchased.This method is better than nothing, but not ideal, because those critters just need to crawl a little further around and Home Sweet Home, they are under the pad and into your mattress. A fully encased mattress pad, means it goes around the whole mattress and has a zipper that seal your bed against bed bugs and dust mites. The tunnel zipper and end stop system ensures that mature bedbugs, nor their young can escape from or penetrate into the encasement. This minimal investment in a mattress encasement saves you money over the years.

After the encasement, get a water proof fitted sheet protector. Like I said before, these pad are good, because they are easy to put over your encasement and under your sheets.They are easy to remove when washing as well. The encasement you never need to remove, but simply keep it surrounding your mattress and box spring to protect. 

Will mattress protectors affect how my new mattress will feel? 

  • A  well made ones will not. They are designed to protect the mattress and allow the mattress to breath and cool itself as designed. About 10 years ago, all mattress protectors had a cotton quilted top. These may have added a pillow top feel to the mattress, but most of them also trapped heat into the mattress, causing you to sleep warm.

Sleep better knowing you are safe in your own bed

without unwanted guests!

bed bugs in you mattress
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