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New in Flooring 2021

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March 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

What is new in flooring for 2021?


Good morning and welcome to DesignTime.  I am here at TriCity Furniture. Today we are going to look at what is new in flooring!  Many times, we want to get through the winter snow mess, and change our flooring in the now is a good time to start thinking about our options!


Kathy, are there some new choice in flooring for 2021?

We are seeing some new items, but with the pandemic, there has not been as much as we might have had!  Flooring has had some delays, but not as much as other industries!  The main thing I see are products that have a good feel and easy to clean!  People are home more and cleaning has become more important!


What are you seeing in carpets?

Soft surface, we are definitely wanting yarns that are easily cleanable.  Some stain protections are added to the yarn and usually carry a 10 year warranty.  They make the carpet easier to clean.  There is also stain protection that is actually part of the fiber, such as Smartstrand...this does not wear off over time, and will allow you to remove tough stains such as red pop and red wine!  Also, I am seeing the length of the yarn getting short, and smaller patterns being added.  The more texture a carpet, or any flooring for that matter have, then the more lint and crumbs they hide!


What is new in hard surface flooring?

I see hard surface still very popular, because of ease of cleaning...wood looks in the vinyl flooring is very popular, as it is waterproof, easier to install and can be a bit softer to stand on!  We are seeing other looks coming to play such as stained cement and ceramic tile looks, so there are quite a few new options other than the wood look!


Any other new options?

There are always new colors, sizes of planks and styles, such as more rustic.....each company is expanding their looks in products and that is very exciting!  One thing I like to remind people, that if you are installing a hard surface from carpet, most people will right away cover up the main areas with area rugs!  Keep in mind that these are trip hazards, especially for older people....and it is easy to keep that in mind!  We might like the look, but make sure it is good for you, whether considering the feel, ease of walking and cleaning as soft surface and hard surface cleaning is much different!

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