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Furniture and My Furry Friends

Design Time on WMEN TV5

April 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Furniture and my Furry Family


Good morning and today on DesignTime, I am here with Kathy from TriCity Furniture in Auburn, and we are talking about a special part of our families....our fur babies and furniture!


Many of us have pets, some large and some smaller...

Kathy, what is the main concern when selecting furniture when we have pets that like to live on our furniture with us?


I think the most important concern is cleaning and removing fur!  It is easier to wipe off leather products, but if you do not want leather, either for the feel or the price, as leather is more expensive, there are some newer fabrics which look like leather but have a smooth surface and do clean quite easily.  Also, they will not scratch like leather, so pets with nails, this is a great option!


I know one main concern, is keeping the fabric clean.  Many pets are not supposed to be on the furniture, but what they do when you aren’t home is another thing!


Today many fabrics are heavy duty, and have a great feel, but are cleanable like commercial fabrics.  We have different fibers which are easily cleaner with a small amount of soap and warm water.....other fibers can even we cleaned with a mild bleach mixture.  You will want to know what your fabric is best cleaned with before trying different options!  Commercial fabrics are also a great option and can be very smooth so pet hair is removed easily...and cleaning is amazing!


dirty dog on the furniture


If you can wait and let the mud dry on the fabric, then flake it off carefully- it will clean better than rubbing wet mud around. 

Any other concerns with pets?


One thing I see when I visit a client's home is that pets like to sit on the back on the sofa or chair, especially it if is near a window.  If you have a pillow back piece, usually, that inside pillow is removable so it can be fluffed, as it will be crushed down from the pet sitting on it!  Pillow backs are designed to be leaned against and not crushed from the top, so it will need some maintenance!  If you are purchasing a new piece, you might want to consider a wrap over back.  It is all foam and is attached to the back frame so it does not move when a pet sits on it!


What about Cats?  Cat hair balls can also be a problem as they can leave a stain! What do you do with those?


Because that is an acidic base from the stomach, that can be a bit more difficult to remove.  I highly recommend getting a fabric protection for these types of stains as those protections do cover pet bodily fluids as well has humans...and then these types of stains are not a problem!


Thank you so much for helping us to understand some problems we might have with our fur babies, and thank you for watching DesignTime!

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