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Does Color impact the Visual Size of Furniture? 

Design Time on WMEN TV5

March 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Today on TV5 we talked about...

We have talked about the size of furniture pieces and how they might work for a certain room set up, but today we are talking about the impact of color and how it can possibly change the visual size of furniture. 

Color is so personal....what I might say is blue, you might see as green. 

What California and HGTV says is popular, may not work for your home in Mid-Michigan. That is why we are here to help you in your space with all the details. 

Same goes for what will look good in your space!

There is no easy science to putting a room together.

You can not go over to magical box, shake it, and have it tell you the answer...

There are LOTS and LOTS of parts you/we have to consider and look at the room as a whole!

I would start and tell you that contrast always looks the richest.

So for example...if you are looking at a new sofa, and your wall is light (and you don't want to paint again) a better selection would be a darker couch than the wall tone. I would tell you to go darker, because mid-tones show soil less quickly. USA made fabrics can be cleaned, but you may not want to do it every time Danny has Doritos on the sofa!


BUT...MAYBE...Your room is a sun room and you want everything to be light and airy? See, these are details we need to know! AND YES, the fabric color and pattern plays a huge role in how the room will turn out!

Here are some things to think about....

Where are you starting with this design project? 

  • New flooring?

  • New Paint? 

  • New Sofa? 

  • New Chair? 

  • New Bedroom furniture? 

  • All of it? 

  • You have to work around your husband's Great Aunt Sue's sofa? 

See there are a lot of parts that we need to know about your space.


Here are a few more....

  • Do you have wood Trim? 

    • Is it Oak? 

    • Are you going to paint the trim? 

  • Do you have kids? 

    • Are they messy? ​

    • Do they have a pet? 

    • Is your family business farming? 

    • Does your family come in dusty? 

So many things to factor in that play a real role in what you purchase....Even though you may want to run out and purchase the new Joanna Gaines' white tufted back sofa...It, just may not be right for your family!

We offer design services. Please use them. They are free when you purchase. They give you peace of mind that what you are buying and investing in will work for your room size, your family's lifestyle and your look that you so strongly desire!

You do no have to be scared of our designers! They know what they are doing! They know how to LISTEN to you and what you want! We are all gifted in different areas.

Color, style, design are one of the things we know well! Let us help you figure out your difficult space!

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