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Understanding Pressure Points 

Design Time on WMEN TV5

August 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Understanding pressure points on your body!


Today, TV5 was here with Kathy Kilbourn, from TriCity Furniture.....sometimes we are uncomfortable just sitting on the sofa, or we toss and turn on our mattress. We are able to move around to adjust our comfort, but we still have tender areas that may cause pain.    Kathy, can you explain what causes this uncomfortable feel?


 Kathy, In respect to a mattress, how do we know what mattress would be best for our body?

  • A pressure point is an area of our body that causes us to be uncomfortable due to more pressure in that spot.  We hear a lot about pressure points in conjunction with mattress support, but a pressure point can be caused by many things.....a firm chair, or a tight shoe!  Because you are awake, you move to alleviate the pressure point, but in the case of a mattress, you are asleep and may have a pressure point that stops the blood circulation, and you don’t notice until it wakes you up with pain or numbness!​

What is the best way to alleviate pressure points when sleeping?

  • To know what might be best has a lot to do with the way you sleep....for instance, back sleepers may have pressure on their tail bone, shoulders, as well as heels, as compared to a side sleeper, who would have pressure points on their shoulder, hips and knees......stomach sleepers have more pressure on their rib cage, thighs and knees! And if you have 2 people in a bed that sleep differently, finding the best bed is difficult!

 Is one kind of mattress better than another such as an innerspring mattress?

  • Quality mattresses should have the perfect amount of upward thrust – that is, they’re able to push up and provide support for every part of the body.

  • A mattress with proper give and support will totally eliminate pressure points while you sleep, leading to less tossing and turning, fewer aches and pains, waking, and overall better-quality rest.

  • You want a mattress that provides the same amount of pressure for every part of your body that’s in contact with it.Your mattress should conform to you, not the other way round! Many traditional mattresses do not give to your shape and therefore can cause pressure points.

  • Pocket springs can be very good... They allows for more even pressure distribution across your entire body.

Do all foam beds eliminate pressure points?

  • Basically quality foam mattresses conform perfectly to the shape of your body, totally eliminating the possibility of pressure points.This means that all the lumpy bits of your body can sink in instead of taking undue pressure, minimizing the risk of pressure points.

  • Finding the perfect mattress has to do with the support, and the padding the comforts your body.  Not everyone will like the same feel, but it is important to consider the support system so that you eliminate pressure points

Serta is made in Michigan sold at Tri City Furniture
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