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Pub Tables 

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June 2021

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Pub tables may also be called bar tables. They normally measure around 42 inches tall.

When selecting a chair to coordinate with a pub table, the seat height of the chair should measure 10 to 12 inches less than the height of the tabletop. 

These tables can come in any shape or design.  Selecting the right style for your home will allow them to blend with your look. They are of course pros and cons to picking a pub table so come talk to us and we will help you make sure this is the best choice for your lifestyle. 

table height image.jpg

If you are a young family with young kids, you may want to stay closer to the floor due to kids "falling" or climbing up. Sitting up higher in a high chair may not be a big deal, but once the supportive seat leaves, you may not be comfortable walking away from baby in a higher seat and with good reason. 

Elderly also, sometimes would rather be in a normal table height, because they may not have the strength to pull them self up into the higher seat. They may been unsteady getting down not finding their footing while holding onto the table. With that said, if you take care of a grandparent regularly, you may want to think about your dining room choice. 

Many individuals love the height of a pub table. Maybe you have a grand room and want to see across the room to the windows, kitchen or the television without an obstructed view. A pub table for you may be a great choice. 

Maybe there would be a room plan though that would work with other high seating in your home, so you could still have a regular table along with some higher seating. The best of both worlds if needed. 

These sofa bars work wonderful in great rooms, family rooms and game rooms. They allow for a higher view, as well as create a specific space for work, computer time and eating. Bring the family back together with one piece of furniture. Allow the family to use their computer out in the open area or their work here, together with the family vs in their room alone. 

If we have learned nothing else this past year, we have learned how important one and another is and that we need time together!

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sofa table bar 2.jpg
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