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What is the Most Important Quality Features We Lost with Imports? 

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September 2020

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What is the most important quality feature we lost with imports?


Imported products have become a hot topic since the virus has closed down much of the world. We have heard about imported furniture, but now, we really want to know where products are made!

We have talked a lot about imported products.....but really when did imports enter into the world of furniture? 

  • Imports started to come into furniture in the 1980’s..... it was parts, and smaller pieces, but continued into every type of furniture piece for the home over the years!

We know a lot changed from the original American products, what do you think was the one biggest loss in the quality of a Furniture piece? 

  • There are a lot of changes in construction, but I feel the biggest loss is the spring edge front. This type of construction changes the whole way the sofa frame is constructed.

Why hasn’t that been put back by American manufacturers? 

  • In the old days, much of the upholstery was constructed with a hand tied coil system, much like the coils in a mattress...and the spring edge was the front rail of this system.....putting the coils in and tying them was an ’art’ that took many years to learn and to be expert at it! And then too do it with some it was labor intensive...and that is a cost, but the quality is unmatched. A spring front edge gives you the very best longevity and comfort available!

What is the advantage to having this feature? 

  • The best advantage to a spring edge front is it helps to eliminate seat cushion breakdown. When the edge moves under your knees, the cushion edge doesn’t compress and breakdown, much like how a mattress and box spring is especially good for shorter legs as well... the spring gives to help our feet stay on the ground!

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