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How to Know a True Sale

Design Time on WMEN TV5

July 2020

TV5 Design Time WNEM

When is a Sale really a Sale?


Today we don’t have to look far to find products on sale, especially clothing, food and of course furniture! On this segment of DesignTime, we are talking with Kathy from TriCity Furniture about knowing a true sale!


So, we are bombarded with sales going on! We want to rush right out and take advantage of the money possibly saved, right? But how do we know if it is really a sale?


  1. Let's start with one that we see happening more and more lately...Unfortunately we hear about Going Out of Business Sales.....Do we really get highly discounted prices?

Remember this is the last chance to make some money for these companies so they bring in different product, remark the prices higher and then take the discount off....many times it isn’t any lower than it was before the sale!

  • What about warranties on product from these going out of business sales?


If you purchase from one of these sales, you probably have no warranty....many times products are purchased without the warranty for a lower price. Also, many warranties now require an invoice number to get any parts.....since another store Sold it and are no longer there, you are unable to get any parts.   Be aware!


  • How do we know if a product is really a great price?

You definitely want to do your homework.  Research the company, find out what is inside for construction, etc.  A sofa can look like another sofa on the outside, right? Same with a mattresses! BUT  the construction, foams, and fabric quality can be completely opposite!  Many manufacturers copy designs of quality companies and then are able to sell it at a lower cost because the Guts are different! Recognize that price does influence the quality!

Going out of Business Sales

Generally a $1500 Sofa marked down to $499 should set off your caution radar! Probably it should only sell for $499 from the beginning!

Deals too good to be true probably aren’t true!  They mark up to mark down!  

The best priced piece of furniture is the one that gives you years of comfort and needs no repairs! Remember to use and not abuse! Often "junk" furniture is brought in during a Going Out of Business sale to make a higher profit on as well. Be Aware! Think back and question, how can this sale be going on for 6 months to a year? New items are being brought in, but not of the quality that you want or what the store is known to sell. 

  • What is your best recommendation for us as a consumer to be a wise shopper?

Recognize that there are many ways to build a piece of furniture.  The components are what cost, plus the cost the labor to manufacture and freight to our state!  If furniture is low priced, they probably have cut the quality somewhere!  Nothing is free. Somewhere someone is paying for it...I doubt the truck driver who packs, spends 3-10 days driving it and unloads it is doing all that work for the joy of the road. He/ She has to be paid. Buying American made furniture saves you a lot on Freight. Think about your sofa coming from North Carolina or China...there is a big difference with time and cost.


Figure out what you like, Compare the features, construction, where it is made and warranty......those things will tell you a lot about the quality you are buying!


 Also, it is good to know if the store if willing to help you when you have a problem! If they have been there a long time, you probably are safe to know they are going to be there to help you if you need them! If they are Going Out of Business- you will be on your own! 

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