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 Recliner Chairs and Understanding How the Balance System Works!

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 Recliner chairs and understanding how the balance system works!

We are going to talk about recliner chairs and how they work today! I know that may sound like an easy topic, but there may be some details you should know. You probably are saying..."We have been sitting in recliners for a lot of years. What else should i know?"


Let's talk!....some recliners seem to fit, and others just do not....why?


Recliners are made for different height people and so therefore the combination of seat depth, height off the floor and height of the back all vary designed to fit different body sizes


Is there a common size which fits most people?


Not really, but most chairs are made to fit a person that is 5’8 but that might not still fit, depending on if your legs are longer of if your height is from your waist up!


So what is the most common issue with fitting a chair?


Usually the depth of the seat is the biggest problem. If the seat is too deep, then you don’t get good back support.


Do all recliners work the same?


Most recliners use a release handle to start the opening process..... some recliners have a release that just allows for the foot to open....those are harder to close because it requires you to push down with your legs.....and the other variable today is power.....Power is very popular, because the chair opens and closes easily....and stays in the position that you want until you move it!


Do taller people work a recliner easier than a short person?


Because a manual recliner work with a balance system… Meaning that the body weight pushing on the back is required to hold it back so, yes, men who are taller have an easier time holding them back in position… But in reverse of that if a persons legs are really long, it is harder on the chair to actually keep the foot rest in position.  The foot rest is designed to go down when extra weight is put onto it to protect the steel mechanism from breakage… But also for safety so if a child leaned on the foot rest it doesn’t tip the chair forward.


Longer legs can have the same affect on the foot rest.

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