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Are there Recliners Built for Long Legs?

Design Time on WMEN TV5

April 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

Legs, legs legs.... is there a better one to use for my sofa?


 I am here with Kathy from TriCity Furniture in Auburn, and today we are going to talk about LEGS......NOT JUST ANY LEGS, but the legs that come on sofas and chairs!  Many upholstered pieces are using an exposed leg design as compared to years ago when a lot of furniture had skirts.


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Kathy, why are we not seeing skirts today?

The skirt is a more traditional element, and generally used with a more formal look.  Today, it seems like we like things a bit more casual so the wood legs are more popular!


Is there a better leg style to use on a sofa or chair?

One main difference in legs today is if they are wood, or if they are plastic!  You might think they are wood because they look like wood, but a lot of the imports are a plastic leg.  Wood is more solid and generally holds up better!


Does the style of the leg have any impact on the stability of the piece?

Not really....A tall thin leg might now have as much strength as a heavier block leg.  What is  more important is that it is always tight to the frame.  A screw in leg can come loose just from slight movement so if you have this type of leg, you do need to tighten it up....otherwise it could become so loose that it will break!


How do I know what leg is best to choose?

It is important that the leg follows the style of the furniture.....usually the squares are more casual to contemporary, where the round legs tend to be more formal or country.  I do consider the height of the legs for a couple of reasons...taller is easier to clean under, but also keep in mind that toys and pets can get under the piece more easily.  Shorter legs keep the piece closer to the floor, so you can’t get under as easily....but I think there is a bit more stability with the frame closer to the floor! You may have a harder time getting out of a piece with shorter leg depending on your knee health. Legs can be changed on most pieces, so we can adjust it to your needs. 


There are a lot of things to consider when we talk about legs!

Yes, there is many frames that actually add an extra leg to the front rail of the sofa, and that also adds strength to the sofa support system.  Lots to consider!


And if you have more questions, feel free on contact the staff at TriCity Furniture and they will be happy to help!


Thanks for watching DesignTime today!

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