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What Is self Decking? Do You Need it? 

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September 2020

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 What is self decking? Why do we need it?


We have talked a lot about the different parts of quality sofas, the springs and foams, and fabrics.....but I am not sure we have talked about self decking!

Sofa Cushions Self Decking

What is self decking?

  • Self Decking is when the manufacture uses the same fabric that is on the body of the sofa (all over) is also "self decked" under the seat cushion with that same fabric vs a black "lawn/ weed guard" fabric. This level is called the deck!

What is Self Decking at Tri City Furniture

Besides looking pretty, why would be want to have the same body fabric there?

  • The importance of the self decking has to do with keeping the seat cushions in place. The same fabric, with the nap of the fabric placed in the opposite direction, causes the cushion to stay in place and not slide out when you sit on the piece, or get off of it! You don't have to keep sliding them in place. Self Decking also does look very nice. If you can see into the separation of the cushions at all, it is all the same fabric and it does clean much easier. 

Quality Built Furniture at Tri City Furniture

Are there other advantages?

  • It actually will help your fabric to last better since it is not sliding back and forth on the decking material. Less friction, less chance for pilling or hairing. This will help you maintain your cushions by flipping them. You won't be worried too, because they will look just as nice on the bottom side. 

Furniture with Self Decking well built furniture

With these advantages, why is it not used on all sofas and chairs?

  • This is another feature that was loss due to imports! But, don't be fooled- there are American made companies that have also cut their quality as well.

They have removed this feature, and may still have just as high prices or higher prices than quality companies who give you self decking for no cost. Quality companies know this is an important feature and they want your investment in your home to last. It is their name on it. Quality Furniture Manufactures don't cut corners.

  • Remember, Import furniture took away anything you couldn’t see (springs, wood, removable legs, flipable cushions, self decking, etc)  since Self Decking is under the cushion, it was an easy feature to remove! High quality manufacturers will have it on their pieces, because they know it is important! Many manufacturers, even quality ones, will remove it as a means of cutting costs.

So, if you want to know if the manufacturer is all about quality,

pick up a cushion and take a look!

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