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The Right Pillow Gives the Best Sleep

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December 2020

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The right pillow gives you the best Sleep!


Welcome to DesignTime...Take a breath and rest for a moment! This is the season that we all seem so busy, it is hard to get everything done!  Because of that, we need to be sleeping well. Maybe you are not sleeping as good as you could possibly be your pillow?


We have used our mind, our eyes, our mouth and ears the whole we need to make sure our head is supported correctly so it can rest  as much as our body!


  • I always thought that a pillow was just a pillow!  What should I need to know about pillows?


Pillows come in many different sizes and support systems.  The fist thing you need to consider, is how you sleep!  A back sleeper need a different thickness than a side sleeper....such as this...the thinner pillow will support your head when you are on your back, and not push your head upwards....where as that same thinner pillow will not give enough support to a side sleeper.....a thicker pillow will hold you heard up higher so that

It keeps you spine aligned.


  • Is there a better design for a side sleeper?


Yes, this pillow with the shoulder cut out, is thicker, to keep your spine aligned, and the cut out alleviates pressure on your shoulder! Come try one!


  • So, is there anything else I need to know about finding the correct pillow?


Yes, it is important to have a pillow which supports your head without putting pressure on want to have your head feel more like it is floating.....these dough foam pillows offer support but not hardness....they allow your head to sink in, but will only go down a bit, and then gives you the support without hitting the bottom! I am sure you have seen people trying to fluff their pillow to give it more loft.....with a dough foam, you never have to fluff!

Getting the right pillow is just as important as having the right support in your mattress....make sure to talk with someone who knows about support to make sure you get the correct one!  Today we even have pillows which are infused with essential oils, to help you sleep better!

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