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How to Get Good Sleep when it is Hot!

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August 2020

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Right now, we are having some hot nights, since the daytime temperatures have been in the 80’s and 90’s, and maybe you don’t have air  your home heats up in the daytime......and that may make for warm sleeping at night!


Kathy from TriCity Furniture in Auburn is going to tell us some ways to help us sleep cooler. 



1.  Do all new mattresses have these cooling products in them?

 No, some mattresses, such as the flip-able or two sided mattress do not have any cooling in them at all. Other mattresses that are rated more as a child's mattress most often will not have any cooling products or any infused breathable foam in them either.

You really need to ask and get details about the cooling agent.



Cooling Mattress sold at Tri City Furniture

Is it just a 1" partial or infused foam or was the mattress built to help wick away your moisture and heat in order to allow you to sleep neutral? Does the cover help as well wick away moisture?

Not all mattresses are the same by any means.

Not even all of a same "brand" mattress is the same! You may find a brand I carry in my store at a big box store and I promise you, if you look at the specs and the makeup of that mattress, it will be completely different that what a "true dealer" carries! 

Every Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress is made with exclusive Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. This system channels heat away from your body and provides exceptional strength for back and neck support. This system createsa comfortable, breezy sleep all night long with it's innovative cooling and support systems.

Cell system in a foam mattress

2. So, what would be another way to help us feel cooler?

There are pillows that can help you sleep coolers. Normally or head, shoulder and neck area regulate our heat, a cool pillow can help maintain our entire body's heat.

One of our favorite pillows has a very advanced cooling technology that provides continual temperature regulation with ventilation for superior airflow. Phase change molecules capture and release heat as needed to maintain the optimum sleep temperature throughout the night. To further the cooling properties, activated carbon infused in the foam creates a pathway to filter heat away from the head, face, and neck.

This pillow feels like there is an air conditioner built into it! It is amazing if you sleep hot or have those hot flashes throughout the night!

There is a pillow designed for back and side sleepers. The unique shoulder cutout is designed specifically for side sleepers to align the head and neck, and the supportive memory foam relieves pressure points. Lastly, a Tencel™ cover creates a soft, smooth surface that helps control humidity while allowing maximum exposure to the cooling pillow. 

Cooling Bed Pillow sold at Tri City Furniture
Sleep Better on a Cool Mattress

3. Any other tips to help us cool down while sleeping?

  • Try sleeping in as little clothing as possible to help your body lower its temperature.

Striping down... could help! (And all the husbands yelled, "Hooray!")

The ideal bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate an easier drift off to sleep. Tip: try sleeping in as little clothing as possible to help your body lower its temperature.

  • Less or No Caffeine before bed.

Caffeine is a stimulant and should be stopped four to six hours before bedtime. Caffeine is in coffee, soda, iced tea, chocolate, and various over-the-counter medications. Remember, caffeine builds up throughout the day, so two cups of coffee at dinner and some chocolate ice cream can be close to 500 milligrams of caffeine, a large dose. When your body feels like it should GO, Go, Go...your internal heat starts burning and you will feel your temperature rising. 


4. How about a cold shower before going to bed?

Here’s a fun fact: our bodies are controlled by a 24-hour master clock called a circadian rhythm. This clock tells us when it’s time to wake up, time for bed, and even when to eat. It’s responsible for hormone levels, bodily functions, and more. At night, it sends signals to our body that it’s time for bed. One way it does this is by lowering our core temperature by about a degree.

So, how does this relate to showering? When you take a warm bath or shower, you’ll aid in the process of regulating the ideal temperature for sleep. While you may get a temporary spike when you’re in the warm water, your body will cool down as soon as you leave the water and towel off. If your shower was too hot though, you might need to give yourself about 60 to 90 minutes to cool down after.

For all you overachievers out there, you may think that a cold shower will speed along the process of cooling down, and that can be true up to a point. Cold showers have a stimulating effect, so reserve your ice baths for the morning hours. However, if you opt for a water temperature on the cooler end of the spectrum, and you’ll still get the benefits.

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