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Why does a sofa sit fit or not?

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October 2020

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Why does a sofa sit fit or not?


We have been learning a lot about the inside of a sofa, and many features that if you have it, the sofa will last a lot longer! Many people don't know that these quality features even existed have been eliminated by many manufactures for almost 40 years! Some companies still carry these features. It is important you ask about them and for them. You want quality in your investment of furniture. 


So, today we want to talk about how we fit into a sofa, or maybe we don’t fit! I have a sofa which is great to sleep on, but I feel....I am leaning so far back into it....Why does it have that lean? 

  • Sofas are made with different depth seats, that is why you like to sleep on it, as it has a wide seat, and it plenty of room for your body to lay comfortably, somewhat like a twin bed! But sitting will be a different story! To sit comfortably, you need to know how long your upper leg is......shorter people , that part will be shorter and taller people, their legs will be longer!

Is there one standard seat depth for sofas and chairs? 

  • Well, many sofas are made for a person who is 5’8”. If you are close to that, many seats should fit....but if you are shorter or taller, the seats probably will not give you the exact comfort you want!

Kathy, what do we do? We want the comfort and the back support, but it seems hard to find a sofa with the correct comfort, as well as the other features that I like! 

  • The best thing is to go to a manufacturer, which will be American made, that offers different depth cushions. This one, offers 20”, 22”, and 24” seat cushions. Plus, you can change the back height so, if you are tall, we are able fit your leg length, as well as support your back to create perfect comfort! Quality manufacturers are all about building the perfect piece for you where others are just building sofas and hoping you will fit into one of them! And you mentioned other features.....well you can build this with everything you want....change the arms, the legs the cushion firmness, add tacks, contrast welts.....the list goes on and on!

Wow, that is amazing....I can design my own sofa! I bet this construction is a lot more expensive? 

  • Well, some are and some really are not! You may pay for the depth change, but not the feature elements that fit your style. We have several manufacturers that offer different seat depths.....we can get an 18” which will almost sit a shorter person straight up, to 25 and 26” depths, which you can sleep in! The sky is the limit!

American manufacturers are a little more expensive, but remember, you get a lot more features, which will benefit you for many years to come!

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