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We Want to Recline, but Don't Want the Look of Reclining.

Design Time on WMEN

May 2021

TV5 Design Time WNEM

When it is time to relax, most often we want to put our feet up. 

You may do that with a LazyBoy Reclining Chair or head right to your bed. 

Often we get asked, "How do I have the ease of a recliner, without the look?"

  • Most people don't like the puffiness of a recliner. Just so you know, the reason most companies make them puffy, is because they know the chair will be sat in, slept in, eat in and slept in. Therefore, ware marks and wrinkles will show from use. So, if the company first makes it with wrinkles called pleats and puckers in the fabric, the use will not be as noticeable over the years. 

  • They do make very tight and modern looking recliners. Most often it is with the higher end quality foam that does not compress as quickly to show use. That may mean that the recliner sits more supportive than the puffy recliner, but again, it does not look like a recliner, so you have to decide what you want most. 



  • Legs on the recliner can also give you a more stylish look. Most recliners rock or are a wall hugger. With these 2 options, the recliner has to sit on a designed mechanism that allows these functions. If you change that Mechanism to a high leg reclining chair, you loose the function of rocking or wall hugging, but it makes the recliner into a char. Most people will not even know that the chair reclines until you show them. Another Pro for a high leg reclining chair is that they sit higher. If you have knees issues or trouble sitting down and getting up, adding 2-4 inches with the leg will really help you out. These recliners can be all design styles. They can be power, power head tilt, or simply manual, 

  • Another design element of a recliner is a tall back, because when you recline back you need the support for your head. There a a few chairs designed to have a lover back as the recliner sits as a chair, but once the chair is moved to reclining position, the headrest telescopes out to extend the headrest length of the recliner. 

  • Another idea would be to get a ease back chair with an ottoman. These chairs allow you to tilt the back back slightly and put your feet up with an ottoman. They are not a recliner, but allow you to do mostly the same movement, with a different look. Taller individuals love this layout, because the ottoman can be pushed out to the length they need. 

These above 3 elements are the main elements that make a recliner look like a recliner. If you can change them, then the recliner turns more into a chair with a surprise. American made Companies allow you to most often change the arm design, pillow, welt, and fabric/leather and that helps the piece fit into your room style and look. 

Here are some examples to help show you how one recliner can change into many other looks and styles with simple changes. 

Recliner Program2.JPG
Recliner Program1.JPG
Recliner Progam 3.JPG

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