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My Home Needs to be Updated. Where do I Start?

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March 2021

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My home is older and needs updating... any easy changes to make it fresh?


While it is cold outside, many of us are inside our home, well, I guess this year has been a stay at home kind of year!  And, if you are like me, you might be thinking about ways to update your home, or at least your living room.....

Is there something we can easily do to give our room a fresh look?

Probably, the most impact would come from a new coat of paint!  Wall color this year has gotten lighter and brighter!  Tones, at least for central US, have moved away from the cooler grey tones to the warmer colors.....the theme at the fall market was....Brown is back!


I have had brown tones for a long there a new shade of brown that is popular?

Yes, the brown tones actually are cooler and not so yellow.....they definitely have a grey base, so the grey tones will still work with it.....and many new fabrics are blending all of the neutrals you will see browns, beiges, deeper grays and silvers all in the same fabric!  This gives a fresh look but may still work with colors that you may had had for 10+ years!

Besides paint, what else could we do?

A fun change would be to add a NEW color palette.  This could mean you might have to change a chair, but also, smaller items such as Pillows, a throw, area rugs, accents and wall decor!  To impact a space, you will need to do enough color to be seen as dominate just two pillows usually are not enough!  Pillows and an accent wall could be done!  Always remember, vertical things have more a wall, or new drapes will establish the color stronger than a rug!


Anything else that would help?

If you were trying to make your home look newer, one of the biggest changes is that trims in new homes are white!  If you don’t have tons of trims, this would impact the look the most....but I always caution people, that once you start painting trim, you may have so much, it wouldn’t be an easy change!  If you have updated your windows, or kitchen to white, you might want to continue with baseboards and doors!  There can be lots of trim, so don’t start something that you don’t want to finish!


There are many ideas that can be done for an exact space. You are welcome to call us, bring some photos or have us do a home consultation to help figure out the best plan for you. You many only need to change a few things to get that Spring Fresh look you are looking for. 

Thanks for Tuning in!

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